SWOT Reading: DK

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SWOT Analysis: To Be or Not To Be?


The situation:  I asked the cards what DK needs to know about her present situation and I got: Queen of Cups (water sign female, nurturing and sensitive person, possibly codependent person, someone prone to emotional flooding, a sympathetic friend, the need to take care of oneself, in one’s “own little world,” and intuition); Queen of Wands (fire sign female, possibly narcissism and self-importance, loyal and trustworthy person, someone who speaks their mind, possibly overbearing to sensitive people, creative and generous person, someone who needs constant admiration, and knowing what one wants out of life); Knight of Cups (water sign male, new love interest, creative action and imagination, someone easily hurt and possibly moody, possibly lacks initiative to complete tasks, someone lost in unreal schemes, indecisive person, and possibly a creative phase in life); and Two of Pentacles (number 2, balancing ups and downs of life, mood swings, the need to budget, moderation, indecisiveness, the need to balance one’s own needs with the needs of others).  Although there are three court cards, I feel this spread only talks about two people: DK and her current partner.  I feel like the Queen of Cups is the best representation of DK.  This card indicates DK went into this relationship possibly with rose-colored glasses and definitely wanting to see her partner as her hero.  The Queen of Cups does not want to be seen as demanding or high maintenance, so DK most likely has avoided several key issues in this relationship in the name of letting her partner come to her.  I feel like the Queen of Wands represents DK not getting what she needs in this relationship and it’s beginning to catch up to her.  Although DK is outwardly continuing to carry the weight of both partners here and telling everyone around her she is getting enough in return to justify it, the resentment is beginning to build.  The Knight of Cups tells me the relationship may be running on fumes if the other party doesn’t put forth more effort soon.  The Two of Pentacles tells me the rest of DK’s life is beginning to demand more and more of her attention, which puts the relationship in jeopardy.  The spread begins with the Queen of Cups and ends with the Two of Pentacles.  A subtle meaning of this queen is codependence, the act of putting others’ needs before one’s own to one’s own detriment and self-destruction.  The Two of Pentacles is a call for moderation.  If DK has been putting too much time into the relationship, then the Two tells her she needs to step back.  If DK has been arranging her schedule to fit with his, then she needs to just focus on herself.  The Queen of Wands next to the Knight of Cups tells me DK has a difficult time getting her needs met in relationships because of her high expectations and unspoken desire to be the damsel in distress.  Unfortunately, putting that vibe out into the universe will only attract predators.  Having a dreamer card (Queen of Cups) next to a take-no-prisoners lady who knows what she wants (Queen of Wands) tells me DK’s hands-off optimism is starting to greatly clash with reality and it’s causing some strain for DK.  Although the Knight partially represents her partner, I don’t feel like the strain is too real for him.  He feels less connected to the situation.

I asked the cards what the STRENGTHS of this situation are and I got:  Ace of Pentacles (number 1 or 11, success and prosperity, financial gain, a new career, a new sense of self-worth, and an overall sense of wellbeing); Two of Swords (number 2, stalemate, balancing opposing forces within oneself, not being able to see past one’s emotional blind spots, a warning to keep a clear head, logic needed in an emotionally charged situation, hurting oneself by being fair to everyone, and negotiations); Queen of Wands (fire sign female, possibly narcissism and self-importance, loyal and trustworthy person, someone who speaks their mind, possibly overbearing to sensitive people, creative and generous person, someone who needs constant admiration, and knowing what one wants out of life); and Nine of Wands (number 9, the need to defend oneself and one’s beliefs, self-protection, being challenged by others, overcoming obstacles with self-reflection, a lengthy dispute, having the same argument one last time, and defensiveness).  The Ace of Pentacles—financial gain, success, and self-worth—shows the real reason DK is in this relationship.  Having a boyfriend, no matter how absent he may be, gives her a sense of security and status.  I also feel like he is a source of financial support, which she may use to justify the lack of emotional support.  The Two of Swords indicates someone who wants to stay in the dark regarding a situation because the solution hurts worse than the turmoil in which they’ve been functioning.  I think that is very true of DK because the Two of Pentacles is smack dab in the middle of the security and self-worth card (the Ace) and the Queen of Wands, who knows exactly who she is and what she wants, thank you.  The sequence of these three cards tells me that despite the lack of true intimacy in this relationship, it has helped DK grow by providing her with the financial and relative emotional security to do so.  The downside of this is DK may be outgrowing the relationship as a result, as evidenced by the Queen sitting next to the Nine of Wands.  Although an extraneous queen in a spread often represents another diva trying to hone in on someone’s boo bear, the Queen of Wands has shown up in both spreads so far and feels like she represents DK’s inner knowing that something in this relationship isn’t moving forward and feels like make believe.  The Nine of Wands represents DK’s need to defend herself to herself, as well as those closest to her.  Also, I think DK may have been getting bolder about suggesting her boyfriend get off the fence, which is huge for someone who hates conflict as much as DK does.

I asked the cards what the WEAKNESSES of this situation are and I got:  Eight of Cups (number 8, “easy come/easy go,” a loss making one realize an important dream won’t be fulfilled, a lonely and painful time, and no longer being able to take something for granted); Queen of Cups (water sign female, nurturing and sensitive person, possibly codependent person, someone prone to emotional flooding, a sympathetic friend, the need to take care of oneself, in one’s “own little world,” and intuition); Nine of Swords (number 9, depression, feelings of an all-time low, things not being as bad as they seem, a clear head and time finding solutions, answers possibly lying in self-knowledge, and overwhelming difficulties in one’s life); and the High Priestess (number 2, stillness, inner knowing, the yearning to deepen one’s intuition, a time to act independently, the need to be resourceful, insight, the need to trust oneself, a wise friend who offers good advice, loneliness or isolation, and a mysterious person that draws one’s focus).  This spread begins and ends with cards that indicate loneliness (Eight of Cups and High Priestess).  The Eight of Cups suggests a sort of impermanence about the situation and it sits next to the highly intuitive Queen of Cups.  The Queen of Cups has shown up before as DK, so this tells me DK knows the relationship is not as permanent as she hoped it would be.  The Queen of Cups takes this sort of loss highly personally, which is supported by the Queen next to the Nine of Swords.  The Nine of Swords is one of the cards that most strongly suggests depression in the entire Tarot.  The themes of codependence and getting one’s identity from a relationship keep cropping up in this reading.  This tells me DK may have been blocking the realization that this relationship might not end in Happily Ever After because it would make her question who she really is and how much worth does she really have without a man.  The spread ends with the High Priestess, which represents two things here.  First, the High Priestess represents the intuitive and wise part of DK that already knows the answers.  Unlike the Queen of Cups, the High Priestess has no need to look for reasons to stay stuck.  She is perfectly okay marinating in the knowledge that all is not necessarily well.  The problem with this is she is seated next to the depression card, so DK could very well stay stuck in this mindset.  The second thing the High Priestess represents is someone DK has been avoiding talking to because she knows this person is right.  I feel like this woman might be about five years older than DK and more of a sisterly figure, but one who always gives the most accurate feedback.  DK has been in contact with her, but they have danced around certain relationship topics because DK doesn’t want to hear it and this woman doesn’t want to offend.  One of those two circumstances is likely to change in the next couple months, probably by accident.

I asked the cards what the OPPORTUNITIES are in this situation and I got:  Six of Pentacles (number 6, giving and receiving help with no strings attached, charity, giving with an open heart, practical help when it is most needed, others willing to share with you, and reaping what one sows); King of Swords (air sign male, one who is wise in matters of justice or law, rational decision-maker, logical and fair person, someone who uses words destructively, a clever person concerned with truth, a good friend who lacks warmth and sensuality, someone who offers clear advice, and potentially a heartless person); Four of Wands (number 4, new home, possibly marriage or nesting, prosperity, movement towards stability, having to leave one’s own life to gain something greater, changes for the better, and hope for the future); and Queen of Swords (air sign female, logical and clear-minded friend, someone who doesn’t suffer fools gladly, a charming and intelligent person, a platonic friendship, possibly a loner, coldness that stems from emotional scars, straightforward answers, diplomacy, and a need for more independence).  This spread begins with the card of help and charity (Six of Pentacles) and ends with a figure who would rather be alone than deal with fakery (Queen of Swords).  I think the spread talks about more of a sequence of events than a snapshot of the situation.  DK has the opportunity to end her isolation and realize that she has great platonic friends who are willing to offer actual help, rather than tell her “everything happens for a reason.”  DK just has to indicate that she’s willing to get real with them.  This willingness for realness is likely to open up another emotional situation in DK’s life, which will provide the opportunity for a real solution.  This second situation feels more legal or political in nature.  I see the King and Queen of the same suit, with a domesticity card sandwiched in between them.  DK has a real chance of finding a sustainable relationship, but the cards leave it open as to how it is likely to happen.  My gut tells me it will happen in one of two ways.  The Queen of Swords sometimes represents a perfectly nice girl who is too bright for her own good and got hurt.  This girl can’t unsee what has been done and moves forward wiser and more objectively.  If DK drops the denial and refuses to entertain bullshit, she will be forced into a position of strength and will be heard if she tells her boyfriend how his complacency is affecting her.  I feel like he will most definitely take her words to heart and either end the relationship or cough up a ring.  Since there feels like a lot of distance in this relationship, DK might have to physically move her household.  If this guy leaves DK, I feel like there is a dark haired man associated with her legal/political situation that is right on her intellectual wavelength and will appreciate her, but not put up with her denial.  However, these opportunities won’t materialize if DK decides to retreat further into her shell when the wise female from the previous spread says some things DK doesn’t like, but needs to hear.

I asked the cards what the THREATS to this situation are and I got:  Queen of Cups (water sign female, nurturing and sensitive person, possibly codependent person, someone prone to emotional flooding, a sympathetic friend, the need to take care of oneself, in one’s “own little world,” and intuition); Five of Wands (number 5, competition, posturing, challenges, defensiveness, fighting, arguments, the need to prove one’s point, and competition in business or emotional affairs); King of Wands (fire sign male, successful businessman, someone who puts their ideas into the world, hasty judgments, possibly judgmental, passionate person, someone who is loyal as long as they aren’t restricted, someone who does not tolerate demands well, and time to put one’s creative endeavors into the world); and Six of Swords (number 6, healing, guidance available, respite after an illness, entering a more peaceful phase in life, and possibly a change of job or residence).  The first two cards are the Queen of Cups, which represents DK, and the Five of Wands.  This tells me DK is invested in keeping her reality as she knows it, despite evidence to the contrary.  She is afraid of going through any more pain and may look to avoid change at all costs.  The King of Wands represents both a person and DK’s tendency to become rash and judgmental when she feels threatened.  I feel like this person may be DK’s boyfriend, who appears to be going through a period of intensity and anger.  I’m not sure what’s causing the anger for him, but it has nothing to do with DK.  The problem is he’s so consumed by his personal situation that he may lash out at her.  The problem with this argument is it may push DK further into her denial, which will cause her to put even more effort into the relationship.  The Six of Swords is potentially a card of complacency, which tells me DK’s boyfriend will take the tactic of waiting for things to smooth over and return to the normal that makes him most comfortable.  The Six of Swords also tells me DK may try to change everything in her life except what is really wrong.

Running Themes:

  1. Codependence:  DK needs to watch for her tendency to put others’ needs before her own as a way of avoiding reality and conflict.  This reading indicated in several spots that this tendency makes conflicts in her life worse.
  2. Dealing with “the elephant in the room”: I think this tendency exists in other areas of DK’s life as well, so she may want to think about how real she is willing to get with others and what stops her from doing so.
  3. Asking for sympathy vs. asking for help: This reading brought up DK’s tendency to get a listening ear from friends, but not dig too deep for fear of what she might find.  As a result, nobody really knows what’s going on with her.  This is keeping her isolated.
  4. Using optimism as motivation to improve things vs. keeping things the same: This reading showed in several places that DK’s tendency to see the best in a situation is typically a strength, but is currently working against her.

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Dear Spice: I Can’t Get a New Job

Dear Spice:

I have been stuck at the same two jobs for years, but can’t seem to find a new one.  I’ve updated my resume, tweaked cover letters, and everything I can think of.  I don’t get too many call backs and have been on maybe five interviews in the past four months.  What’s keeping employers from taking a chance on me?


Dear Discouraged:

You’re in a difficult spot and I feel for you.  My gut feeling is it’s a bunch of little things you can change and one big thing that has nothing to do with you.  Let’s find out, shall we?

I asked the cards why employers aren’t hiring you and I got:  Knight of Wands (fire sign male, intense person, all vision and no gumption, a person who is too rash to make sound decisions, and possibly impulsivity); Princess of Pentacles (earth sign young person, the need to make a plan real, new projects, loyal person, new field of study, and a sense of wellbeing and groundedness); Seven of Swords (number 7, mind games, schemes that do not work, the need to use caution when discussing important matters, avoidance or manipulation of the truth, and possibly the need to keep your plans to yourself); and Three of Swords (number 3, sadness, wounds only time can heal, sorrow rooted in the past, and the need to grieve properly).  This spread tells me the big issue is in your presentation, not your qualifications.  The Knight of Wands is most likely how you’re trying to come across—all fired up about this new opportunity—but your lack of confidence (we’ll get to that) is making you seem flaky or not in it for the long haul.  I think the Princess of Pentacles might be closer to who you actually are as an employee because she is practical, solution-oriented, and faithful to her cause.  In terms of these cards, employers see you as protecting the awesome employee that is the princess with the brash, seemingly cocky knight.  The Seven of Swords and the Three of Swords tell me you might come across as dancing around the truth because of a past hurt.  I feel like this past professional mark of shame is still affecting your confidence as an employee because you want desperately to live it down and you may spend too much time phrasing your replies as a result.  This is your anxiety talking, not your worth as a human.  However, I don’t think you should totally ignore your fear that whatever happened at that bad job could happen again.  It totally could, but I think the proper use of that fear is to hone your intuition and dig deep into how that incident happened and how you can do things differently in the future.

I asked the cards what you can do about this pox on your (career) house and I got:  King of Cups (water sign male, passionate and intuitive person, someone who does not easily reveal their feelings, a talent for organizing others’ resources, good business instincts, hiding vulnerability, can mean jealousy or possessiveness, and the need to explore passions); Strength (number 8, the strength to overcome parts of yourself that are no longer needed, replacing ego and pride with self-love, ability to resolve problems, can mean respecting others’ opinions, and self-confidence); the Hanged Man (number 12, suspended animation, needing to look at a familiar situation in a new light, holding pattern, negative patterns that repeat themselves, and changing a situation with self-trust); and the World (number 21, ultimate success, positive completion of a cycle, a resolution after a difficult time, achievements being noticed, and possibly travel).  The first two cards talk about your need to get real about how you feel and look at it.  Do you feel like a failure?  Still harbor anger at the old company?  Secretly fear they’re right about you?  (They’re not, by the way.)  Do you fear change?  What if your new job is worse?  Are you sick of what feels like constant rejection?  The Strength card suggests now is a great time to do this.  I would also pay attention to the positive messages of the King of Cups because you need to think about your positive attributes and lead with those.  It’s not bragging if you don’t overdo it.  The Hanged Man speaks to a pattern that has played itself out for too long.  Take stock of your self-talk for the next few days.  Use an app like Evernote, if you’re the type who needs to write things in a journal.  The patterns in your job search are being created by your self-talk.  Note any recurring thoughts or themes, such as “I can’t” or “not good enough.”  If affirmations are too hard to swallow, try a more neutral statement, such as, “I’m just as qualified as the other candidates” or “I am a good employee.”  The World shows that change is coming, but you have a choice as to whether you are going to prepare yourself now or wait until it’s forced upon you.  My vote is you start preparing now and keep applying for jobs, so you will have resources when it’s time to make a move (you’ll know when).  Also, pay attention to the travel aspect of the World.  If taking too much time off and a vacation are out of reach, make a point to try new and interesting things that are local to you.  This will help you breathe a little and keep your mind open to new avenues.


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Spice’s Tarot Card O’ the Week #70: Temperance

The Card:  Like the name suggests, Temperance is a card of balance.  No matter what the situation, that balance must always begin within you.  The querent is being told now is not the time for temper tantrums or finally telling off that jack ass who happens to be the root of all festered resentments.  Now is the time for the querent to acknowledge their feelings, try to find something positive about the other side, and move forward.  If the querent has some crazy scheme or grandiose expectation for themselves, Temperance tells them to scale it back from 11 to a nice 6 or 7…  possibly an 8, if they really must.  For example, a querent who is looking to go completely vegan and throw out 80% of all plastic in their home this week may want to break that up into smaller goals, lest they get a rude awakening.  In a relationship spread, Temperance tells us this is not the week for grand gestures or to finally tell your significant other how badly their Netflix binges really piss you off.  This card calls for being able to state your feelings as objectively as possible, but actively listen to the other person.  They have a point as well and a compromise can—and should—be reached here.  Any actions taken should be for the long-term good of both parties and the relationship, sayeth Temperance.  In a financial or career spread, Temperance is a sign that risky ventures are not going to work this week.  Stick with the script, but slowly add in new elements.  If you’re proposing a new way of doing things to the powers that be, it’s best you lead with acknowledging the company’s positive attributes and what you’d like to keep.  Be prepared to not completely get your way, but the result will be workable.

Warnings:  Above all, Temperance is a card of inner balance and any equitable solution must begin with you.  Seeing this card sometimes makes me nervous because Temperance often makes an appearance when the situation is at its most raw.  IF THIS CARD APPEARS, YOU PROBABLY FEEL ULTRA OFF BALANCE SOMEWHERE, POSSIBLY TO THE POINT OF BEING AN EMOTIONAL TRAINWRECK.  That said, look at yourself and where you might be mistaken before taking your opinion to a wider audience.  What do you really need when you blast your friend who doesn’t share your views, to the point it gets personal?  How are their beliefs even about you, or is that the real problem?  Is this about your beliefs and things you hold dear, or is it about your ego?  Were you disagreeing on principal, or was this about you needing to just go off because you feel helpless in other areas of your life?  Be honest because your intentions will show.  Also, it’s often best to avoid excess in anything when Temperance makes an appearance.


  1. What is the first situation that comes to mind when you read this description (i.e. post-election gloating, post-election sadness, finding out just how different you are from your family, needing to revamp a project at work, you and your spouse have different views of how relatives should be handled, et al)?
  2. How are you likely to encounter this situation this week (e.g. you go on social media, you have to plan for the upcoming holiday, a meeting with your boss is scheduled for this week, the aforementioned relatives insist on visiting, etc.)?
  3. Who are the other people or agencies involved in this situation (i.e. your spouse, your in-laws, your drunk uncle, friends with different beliefs, that attention-seeking friend, your employer, et al)?
  4. What do you want from the others in this situation (e.g. more creative control at work, no drunken verbal abuse at Thanksgiving dinner, for your friend to cut it out, to not deal with an in-law visit, etc.)?
  5. Have the others indicated they’d be willing to give it to you? Have you asked?  What did they say or do that indicates this answer?
  6. What do others involved want from you in this situation (i.e. attention, to not be held responsible for their drinking, to stay over whenever they want, for you to step up at work, et al)?
  7. Are you willing to give this to them? Why or why not?
  8. How are your answers to Questions 4-8 similar? How are they different?
  9. What are three feelings you have when you think about this situation (e.g. guilt, anxiety, boredom, anger, happiness, anticipation, fear, calm, etc.)?
  10. What are three thoughts you have when you think about this situation (i.e. “here we go again;” “I have to deal with what?”; “maybe it’ll be different this time;” et al)?
  11. Do you feel like your answers to the above questions are positive or negative? Why?
  12. Based on your answers to the above questions, what is one thing you can do this week to help facilitate a more positive outcome (e.g. use paraphrasing and active listening, work out more to hold your temper, write in a journal before addressing your family, focus on the positive at work, etc.)? Are you likely to do these things?  Why or why not?
  13. What is one prayer, affirmation, song, meditation, ritual, or activity you can use this week to keep yourself in a decent frame of mind (i.e. Slayer’s greatest hits, Brain Sync meditations on YouTube, yoga nidra, a Durga mantra, et al)?


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Spice’s Tarot Card O’ the Week #69: The Star

The Card:  The Star is a card of hope and optimism.  This card indicates the querent has healthy self-esteem, or at least nothing to worry about in this situation.  This card also denotes a time to reflect and understand things will shake out however they need to unfold.  The Star indicates this sense of wellbeing comes from the querent having the internal and external tools they need to get the job done.  The Star can also indicate getting a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) chance.  The Star is also a card of truth and openness.  In a relationship spread, this card denotes a positive—or at least workable—point in the relationship.  This is the time to talk through any arguments or needed boundaries.  This is a great time to change any negative patterns in a relationship or change up the way the querent looks for love.  One or both partners is open to whatever happens next.  In a financial or work spread, the Star indicates this is an excellent time to negotiate or start a new project.  The Star comes with a lack of ego or self-importance, just the knowledge the querent has what it takes to get the job done right.  If the querent is looking for a job, now is a good time to lead with a strong cover letter (but nothing terribly boastful).  It also indicates a time to step up and try a new approach in all areas of life.

Warnings:  The Star is all about truth and openness, but do not get complacent or just assume you got this without putting forth any effort.  Laziness will bite you on the butt.  Guaranteed.  Likewise, do not let your guard down so much that you suffer from verbal diarrhea.  Having good energy for the week does not automatically make the world trustworthy and your safe place.  People are not going to automatically understand the context of your words or see things your way if you mistake truth for being a jack ass.  Be mindful of your intentions before you put anything out there.  Just because you’ll probably get your way for now, does that mean it’s the best thing for all concerned?  I have a strong “anything you say can and will be used against you” feeling for down the road.  Perhaps you enjoy the moment, but think of the long term, hmmm?


  1. What is the first situation that comes to mind (i.e. the U.S. election, looking for a job, starting a new savings plan, talking with your spouse about boundaries with the parents, et al)?
  2. How are you likely to encounter this situation this week (e.g. your idiotic Facebook friends can’t shut up, you’ve been looking at job sites, you have an appointment with a financial advisor, your spouse mentioned the topic, etc.)?
  3. Who are the other people or agencies involved (i.e. the bank, your spouse, your in-laws, your boss, your parents, the government, your idiotic Facebook friends, et al)?
  4. What parts of this situation have to do with others (e.g. their ill-informed posts, the election being broadcast everywhere, your in-laws being intrusive, your parents criticizing your spouse’s parenting, employers posting jobs, your boss’s view of you, etc.)?
  5. What parts of this situation involve only you (i.e. your reaction to your in-laws’ constant intrusion, whether or not you respond to friends’ idiocy, whether or not you state your opinion, how you state it, et al)?
  6. What do the others in this situation want from you (e.g. for you to accept their idiocy, to remain friends after insulting your beliefs online, to know where you stand with in-law boundaries, for you to tell your parents to knock it off, etc.)? Have they told you this?  How?
  7. What do you want from others in this situation (i.e. for them to keep at least some of the idiocy to themselves, for them to at least treat your differences of opinion with respect, for the in-laws not to show up unannounced, for your spouse and parents to get along, an interview, et al)? Have you told them this?  How?
  8. How are your answers to Questions 6 and 7 similar? How are they different?
  9. What are three feelings you have when you think of this situation (e.g. dread, anxiety, depression, hopefulness, optimism, boredom, anger, amusement, etc.)?
  10. What are three thoughts you have when you think of this situation (i.e. “I need a job;” “here we go again;” “perhaps we don’t need to be friends;” “we need to talk about this;” et al)?
  11. Based on you answers to these questions, what is at least one thing you can do differently in this situation (e.g. put your needs first, listen more than you speak, think about the others’ position, be more direct, meditate before confronting it, use a cover letter, etc.)? Are you willing to do these things?  Why or why not?
  12. What is a prayer, mantra, song, ritual, etc. you can use to keep yourself focused and halfway sane this week (i.e. Prayer to St. Jude, Kali mantra, “I am good enough,” your favorite EDM album, extra workouts at night, writing in your journal daily, et al)?


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Spice’s Tarot Card O’ the Week #68: King of Swords

The Card:  The King of Swords is not a playful card in the least.  Although this king is known for being fair and a humanitarian, he’s not your buddy.  The King of Swords concerns himself with reason and logic, as well as issues related to societal laws, truth, justice, and the quest for knowledge.  He often represents a friend who gives objective and accurate advice; the truth coming forward; and/or medical, legal, or existential issues.  There is no blurring the truth or candy-coating the hard issues with the King of Swords, nor does this card imply these issues will be blown out of proportion.  They simply exist and are being brought to the surface so a clear, fair decision can be made.  When signifying a person, the King of Swords often signifies an air sign male or someone who is so matter-of-fact and objective that others often confuse this with them being an asshole.  There’s no true malice to this character and he’s not out to make anyone the villain.  It’s not wise to pick a fight with this person, however, because you will be called on every nugget of feces in your mental, emotional, and social colon.  In a relationship spread, the King of Swords is often more friend than lover.  He’ll be there for you, but perhaps cuddling is expecting too much.  It also means the time is nigh to tackle a relationship elephant in the room before one or both of you explodes (or gets ghosty).  In a financial or work spread, the King of Swords represents the uncomfortable issues being brought to light so a solution can be reached.  This would be the week to put on your big kid pants and try not to judge yourself or others.  The more you approach the situation honestly, the better your long-term prospects will be.

Warnings:  You know that Depeche Mode song “Personal Jesus?”  Yeah…  The King of Swords ain’t no forgiver.  DO NOT TRY TO MANIPULATE, MANEUVER, OR TALK YOUR WAY OUT OF ANYTHING THIS WEEK.  IF YOU DID THE DEED, YOU WILL GET CAUGHT.  The King of Swords does not give a sparkly unicorn turd about your sob stories, excuses, justifications, or fairy tales about being the victim.  Don’t get defensive.  Whomever or whatever is represented by the King of Swords energy is here to help you in the long run, so it greatly interests you to be painfully honest with yourself and others now.  There is a huge legal undercurrent to this card, so be mindful of all the ways you try to skirt the system because there’s a better than average chance they won’t work.  Normally drive 15 miles over the speed limit?  Not this week, Home Slice.  Round up a tad more than you should on expense reports?  You may want to rethink that.  Not going to tell your husband the real amount you pay for lottery tickets or girls’ nights out?  Nice try.  This goes for your health too.  Anywhere you’re cutting corners in taking care of yourself could result in a doctor visit.


  1. After reading the card description, what is the first situation that comes to mind (i.e. you’ve felt a conflict coming with your daughter-in-law for a long time, you have an annual review coming up, you and your spouse are going to the financial advisor, you can’t take much more of a draining friend’s behavior, et al)?
  2. How are you likely to encounter the situation this week (e.g. it’s your friend’s birthday, you have to ask your son and daughter-in-law for a favor, your boss wants to meet with you, your spouse made the appointment with the advisor, etc.)?
  3. Who are the other people or agencies involved in this situation (i.e. your in-laws, your employer, a long-time friend, your spouse, the bank, the IRS, et al)?
  4. What do they want from you (e.g. for you to pay your taxes, to talk to you about their failed relationship for 2 hours a day, to start saving for retirement, for you to do business with them, for you to pay your fines, etc.)? How have they told you this?  How did you react?
  5. What do you want from them (i.e. an extension, to spend however much you want of your “mad money,” for them to respect your space, a favor, et al)? How have you told them this?  How did they react?
  6. How are your answers to Questions 4 and 5 similar? How are they different?
  7. What parts of this situation only have to do with you (e.g. whether or not you go to the appointment, when or if you pay your fines, how much “mad money” you save to spend, whether or not you take your friend’s calls or texts, etc.)?
  8. What parts of this situation require help from the other person or agency (i.e. your spouse not agreeing with the amount of “mad money” you’ve designated for yourself, the financial advisor being able to see you, whether or not the IRS grants you an extension, whether your friend takes the hint, how your daughter-in-law reacts to your request, et al)?
  9. What are three feelings you have when you think of this situation (e.g. sad, anxious, apathetic, bored, restless, angry, happy, confident, hopeless, etc.)?
  10. What are three thoughts you have when you think of this situation (i.e. “she hates me;” “why does this always happen to me?”; “can I get a do over?”; “maybe it won’t be that bad;” et al)?
  11. Do you think your answers to the questions thus far have been positive or negative? Why?
  12. Based on your answers to these questions, what is one thing you can do this week to help yourself in this situation (e.g. suck it up and apologize, pay your fine, communicate with your creditors, answer the advisor’s questions honestly, compromise with your spouse, etc.)? Are you willing to do these things?  Why or why not?
  13. What is a prayer, mantra, affirmation, or activity you can use to help you get through the situation (i.e. prayer to Archangel Uriel, Durga healing mantra, “I am strong and capable,” your favorite music during a workout, et al)?


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Spice’s Tarot Card ‘O the Week #67: The Empress

The Card:  Sometimes signifying pregnancy, The Empress is a motherly, feminine card.  She is almost the exact opposite of the cool, loner-ish High Priestess and not as entitled as the Queen of Wands or emotional as the Queen of Cups.  However, the motherly aspect of this card can go waaaayyyy too far and become a smothering Freudian wet dream.  This card talks about fertility, productivity, creativity, and abundance in general.  This can mean the querent has what they need readily available.  When signifying a person, The Empress is typically a mother figure or a nurturing, generous person with creativity and productivity to spare.  This person embodies that magical aunt we all wanted, the one with cool hippie tendencies, can bake cookies out of anything, and has tea and sympathy for all of life’s bumps and bruises.  In a relationship spread, The Empress means a happy and sharing time in the relationship.  Both parties will have their needs met and then some.  This is not a time to be secretive or withholding in your relationship because sharing and generosity will reap the most rewards.  This card could also indicate a time for both parties to talk about having kids or find out the conception already happened (oops!).  If you’re single and on the prowl, this card indicates you may find someone a little too into taking care of you (aka a benevolent stalker).  In a financial or business spread, The Empress indicates any ideas put forth this week will bear fruit and have support.  It could also indicate a close-knit company culture that may figure prominently into any business decisions made this week.  The powers that be may be more kindly disposed to you, so don’t blow it.

Warnings:  Fertility and issues related to reproduction can be indicated with The Empress.  This could mean a surprise pregnancy or a disease of the reproductive system.  Be kind to yourself and get any weirdness checked out by your doctor.  Overbearing mothers are also indicated by this card.  If you or your spouse have one, now might be the time to consider boundaries.  In fact, The Empress can indicate an overbearing person in general.  Practice the word “no.”  If that doesn’t work, look into a restraining order.  It could also mean you are the overbearing person.  Take stock of your intentions.  Why are you showering others with gifts and attention?  Could it be that you want someone to do that for you, but haven’t come out and asked?  If that’s the case, do not pass Go and do not collect $200.  All you are doing is incubating a resentment.


  1. What is the first situation that comes to mind (i.e. a work project you don’t want to do, your spouse not seeming as into you as they were before, wanting to start your own business, a custody hearing, et al)?
  2. How are you likely to encounter this situation this week?
  3. Who are the other people or agencies involved (e.g. your ex, your boss, that suck up coworker, your spouse, investors, etc.)?
  4. What are parts of this situation you can handle by yourself (i.e. talking with the boss, making sure your paperwork is complete, showing up on time for your meetings, suggesting possible solutions, et al)?
  5. What are parts of this situation that require help from others (e.g. others showing up for meetings, investment capital being available, your coworkers’ willingness—or lack thereof—to help, your spouse’s willingness—or lack thereof—to understand your point of view, etc.)?
  6. What are some obstacles in this situation that only involve you (i.e. you tend to push others away, you have a history of being a jerk to them, you feel discouraged, you hate asking for help, this is out of your area of expertise, et al)?
  7. What are some obstacles in this situation that involve others (e.g. they tend to lord it over you when you do ask for help, they like to use shame, they’re cynical, they have told you they don’t think you’d help them in the same way, they don’t have the money or time to give you, etc.)?
  8. What are some thoughts that come to mind when you think about this situation (i.e. “I’ve been a jerk;” “they need to give me what they owe me;” “why me?”; et al)?
  9. What are some feelings you have in this situation (e.g. sad, frustrated, exhausted, hopeful, nervous, happy, etc.)?
  10. When you think about your answers to Questions 7 and 8, do you feel they are more positive or negative? Why?
  11. Are there any aspects of this situation you are willing to change, such as how you deal with everyone else involved? Why or why not?
  12. What is one thing you are willing to do this week to deal with this situation (i.e. not call your coworker names, not interrupt your spouse when they are speaking, get your paperwork done on time, assert yourself with your parents, et al)?
  13. What is a prayer, mantra, or affirmation that you are willing to use to get you through this situation (e.g. the Durga mantra, Prayer to St. Raphael, your favorite death metal song, etc.)?

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Metatron Spell to Release Negative Patterns

Preface:  I don’t know why, but I’ve been getting a lot of requests for variations of the Metatron spell for changing negative patterns, removing toxic people from your life, and releasing trauma.  I would like to start doing something different, but I did say I take requests.  This will be the last version of a Metatron spell for a while.  I will also get to Part 2 of my series on how to cast a spell that won’t bite you on the ass after this.  This version of the spell focuses on changing those negative patterns that keep you in a rut and unable to do something new.  It’s important because any magickal intervention you undertake won’t work unless you address and clear the rut.  For those of you looking to use this spell to attract a new love, my thought would be to follow up this Metatron spell with this one here:

Rose Bush Garden Spell for Love

Why you need this:  Ever gone through one of those cycles, where you just keep attracting the same poop in different bags?  A lot of people do this in relationships by constantly seeking out a personality trait in a partner that proves more toxic than a Chernobyl mud bath.  For example, how many of you have that friend who constantly mistakes arrogance or abusiveness for confidence?  How many of you start a job, only to back yourselves into a corner and have to quit before getting fired yet again?  Same old fight with a new significant other?  Yet ANOTHER life emergency happen when you couldn’t be any more broke?  Or do your friends’ and family’s eyes get so glazed over when you talk about the same problems over and over, that you think you’re staring at a couple dozen Krispy Kreme donuts?  Yeah, I thought so.  If you could relate to any of this, you, my dear reader, have to take an honest look at some of the patterns in your life.  Some of these patterns stem from negative self-talk, learned behavior from childhood, responses to negative events, and even past lives.  Think of your life like a house.  The longer you live there, the more stuff you accumulate.  Once you wrap your mind around how much stuff you’ve accumulated in this life, think about how much baggage came with you from previous lifetimes.  What do you do when the clutter in your house gets to be too much?  Burn it down, clean it, have a garage sale, or whatever you must do to make the house livable.   Having negative emotional, karmic, physical, career, and financial patterns isn’t a problem in and of itself.  Not bothering to do a darn thing about it is the real problem.  Archangel Metatron agrees and is ready to help.  Also known as the Messenger Angel or the Angel of Life, Metatron is in charge of the Akashic Records and can tell you a thing or two about your karmic patterns.  Stop thinking about what cheese you were going to have with your whine and acquaint yourself with this awesome angel here:


Tips and Warnings:  Metatron is one of the most helpful guides I’ve worked with, but be careful of what you wish for when you ask him for information.  This angel will remind you on no uncertain terms that he is under no obligation to sugar coat things or hide your flaws.  I’ve experienced information from him as stream-of-consciousness thoughts, flashes of light just before odd coincidences, dreams, and strong gut feelings.  It’s best to keep a small notebook with you or use an app like Evernote for a month after doing this spell.  You also have to be explicit with Metatron regarding what it is you want to know.  Do you want to be informed of your self-sabotaging patterns or do you also want solutions?  If you ask for solutions, be aware that Metatron is kind of like the Pintrest of the Angelic realm—he gives you plenty of inspiration and instructions, but you have to put in the elbow grease.

You Will Need:

  1. 1 white novena candle or the 7-color chakra novena candles
  2. 1 black novena candle (I dig novena candles because they last for the duration of the spell, but to each their own.)
  3. Rose, patchouli, and frankincense or copal oil (or any combination of the three, in case you want to put it in you body wash or fabric softener to keep the energy going after you’ve anointed it). You can buy quality oils for the best prices at www.bulkapothecary.com
  4. Frankincense incense

**If you don’t have a good metaphysical shop near you, check out either of these two stores.  I love their candles and the staff has always been friendly and helpful.  PS—they ship!!

Dragon Marsh


Panhalla Metaphysical and Psychic Center


PPS—If you go through Panhalla, ask about their ritual soaps.  Those things will rock your metaphysical world and exfoliate your butt at the same time.


  1. Do the following Merkaba meditation and get yourself in the zone:
  2. Light the incense and the candles and meditate further on the Merkaba from Step 1.
  3. Set your intention to clearing negative karmic patterns and calling forth more positive relationships and/or patterns with the following wording: “I ask the glorious archangel Metatron to please clear the negative emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and karmic patterns from my path that create (list the two or three main negative traits in your past patterns) in my relationships and life.  Please show me these patterns so I can do my part in clearing them.  Please replace these negative patterns with healing, love, truth, white light, and prosperity.”
  4. Repeat the following prayer three times:

Archangel Metatron, angel of life, I thank God for making you so diligent about observing and recording what happens throughout the universe in God’s Book of Life (the Akashic Records). Please guide me to make the best choices in life so I can avoid unnecessary regrets and build a strong spiritual legacy for which I can be grateful. Reveal a summary of the information that your records contain about my life so far, highlighting what’s most important for me to understand about how to move forward well to fulfill God’s purposes for my life.

My whole life is shaped by the quality of my thoughts, which lead to my attitudes, words, and actions. Every decision I make begins with a thought in my mind. So teach me how to think positive thoughts that will lead to positive results in my life. Urge me to change negative thoughts to positive ones by praying for God’s help to renew my mind. Help me purify my motives and balance my emotions so I can live at peace with God, myself, and other people.  Draw my attention to the distinctive ways I can use my strengths to help make this fallen world a better place because I lived here. Encourage me to focus on what interests me the most and what I do best. Then reveal which specific needs around me I can meet in light of those unique qualities in my life. Guide me to organize my life well, so I’m setting the best priorities and making decisions that reflect those priorities.”

(***If the word ‘god’ isn’t your thing, choose ‘higher power,’ ‘the universe,’ or something more neutral.)

I’d love to take credit for that prayer, but I can’t.  I cut it and repurposed it from here:


  1. After each repetition of the prayer, repeat your intention statement from Step 3.
  2. Meditate on the Merkaba.  See yourself inside of it and make note of any thoughts, feelings, or perceptions you have while in this state.  Stay as long as you need.
  3. Close out the ritual in whatever way makes sense to you and give thanks to Metatron.
  4. Repeat anywhere from 9-30 days.

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Spice’s Tarot Card ‘O the Week #66: The Tower

The Card:  The Tower is one of the most dreaded cards in the tarot deck, probably because one of the central themes is destruction.  Most tarot decks depict The Tower as a melee of chaos, typically with a burning edifice and hapless people screaming and falling to the ground.  I’d like to say The Tower is a lot cuddlier and more user-friendly than that, but I think the best I can do is say it’s just a bit misunderstood.  The Tower signifies a breakthrough, break up, or break down, which is quite painful.  However, the deeper meaning of this card often indicates whatever is departing the querent’s life in a blaze of Napalm and glory no longer had any purpose being there.   Kick off those My Little Pony high heels, folks.  The drill sergeant that is The Tower will get in your face if you even think of being in denial, getting complacent, or trying to hold onto something that needed to leave.  Seeing this card is a lot like boot camp in that you will emerge stronger, provided you do what you’re told and don’t fight the current too much.  In a relationship spread, The Tower can mean the end of a relationship that’s been on life support or way too volatile to survive for a long time.  It can also mean all of the no-win, here-we-go-again arguments in the relationship will be brought to the surface so the querent and partner can kill them once and for all.  It can also mean one partner said or did something that causes the other to feel differently about them, as if they finally see who this person is.  In a business or financial spread, this card typically means all of the querent’s bad or unethical habits will come to bite them and they will be given one last chance to correct their ways.  It can also mean a reprimand, firing, or some situation in which the querent will be investigated or otherwise asked to explain themselves.  Take a deep breath, be honest, and avoid blaming others this week.  Like childbirth or a root canal, The Tower promises things will get better if you can just get through the pain and turmoil of the present.

Warnings:  The Tower brings da pain like no other card in the deck, but you bring the drama.  Acceptance is the key to working through what The Tower presents, even if the situation seems unfair or somehow unwarranted.  You’ll get a chance to avenge yourself, but this is a time for you to reflect on your part and find workable solutions for yourself so it never happens again.  Unfortunately, most things lost to The Tower are gone for good.  If a relationship ended, it’s probably not going to come back.  If you get written up at work, the powers that be won’t change their minds if you keep arguing with them.  Another thing to avoid with this card is, well, avoidance.  Changes brought by The Tower are noticeable, significant, and not easily swept under the rug.  If you were thinking of taking up a mindfulness practice, this might be a good week for it.  Just sayin’…


  1. What is the first situation that comes to mind as you read this card description (i.e. your marriage, not hearing from your girlfriend for four days, your BFF going M.I.A. after an argument, tension at work, et al)?
  2. How are you likely to encounter the situation this week (e.g. being at home is getting more awkward, your significant other is blowing up your phone, your boss doesn’t seem as friendly, you’re always the one to call your friend first, etc.)?
  3. Who are the other people or entities involved in this situation (i.e. your boss, the bank, your spouse, your in-laws, the courts, a professor, et al)?
  4. What do you want from them in this situation (e.g. for your spouse to acknowledge the work you do, to not constantly be reminded of your mistakes, proper training, space, a good reference, etc.)? Have you told them?  If so, how?
  5. What do they want from you in this situation (i.e. for you to do your paperwork properly, to stop spending frivolously from your joint account, to not constantly be reminded of their mistakes, less tension, acknowledgement, et al)? Have they told you?  If so, how?
  6. How are your answers to Questions 4 and 5 similar? How are they different?
  7. What are three thoughts you have when you think of this situation (e.g. “why am I always the bad guy?;” “I’m not ready for this;” “oh no;” “let’s get this over with;” etc.)? Do you think these thoughts are more positive or negative?  Why?
  8. What are three feelings you have when you think of this situation (i.e. jealous, angry, sad, defensive, numb, happy, relieved, impatient, neutral, exhausted, loving, et al)? Do you think these feelings are more positive or negative?  Why?
  9. Based on your answers to the previous questions, what about this situation is not in your control (e.g. how long it takes others to respond to your messages, others’ impressions of you, whether or not your spouse ends your marriage, whether or not your boss writes you up, the stock market, etc.)?
  10. Based on your answers to the previous questions, what about this situation is in your control (i.e. your mood, how you respond to allegations, whether or not you choose to stalk your friend, how much effort you put into your paperwork, how much you spend, your attitude, et al)?
  11. What is one thing you can do this week to help yourself in this situation (e.g. acknowledge your mistakes, make an effort not to stalk your friend, meditate, practice mindfulness, be as diplomatic as possible, get to work early, tell your spouse why you love them, etc.)? Are you likely to do this?  Why or why not?
  12. What is a prayer, affirmation, mantra, activity, ritual, et al you can use this week to keep yourself relatively sane (i.e. “The Lord’s Prayer,” your favorite Beatles song, Quan Yin mantras, gong meditation at your local yoga studio, grounding meditations on YouTube, et al)?

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