Tarot Reading of the Week: 4/4/22 – 4/11/22

DISCLAIMER: As always, everything presented here is for entertainment and semi-educational purposes only.  Please do not mistake this for mental health therapy or advice.  If you need mental health counseling or treatment, please contact your insurance company, local college’s student counseling clinic, county crisis line, or the Psychology Today Portal.

NOTE:  I have to stop doing that part of my weekly post where I rant about current events and give you some CBT-style journal prompt.  It’s not you, it’s me.  In addition to pulling longer hours at work, I’m working on putting out more books.  You might like them, but I won’t know until I finish them.  Current events still piss me off and I still hate society’s lack of distress tolerance.  I just don’t have time to write about it each week and put out a weekly reading.  I apologize.

Time for some current events.  Let’s see if Will and Jada Pinkett Smith make an appearance:

  • In Russia/Ukraine news, Russian troops failed to take the city of Kyiv, which some news outlets are calling “the defeat for the ages.”  Ouch.
  • The members of Pink Floyd, minus Roger Waters, recorded their first new music in 28 years to raise money for Ukranians in need.
  • Despite Russian troops failing to take Kyiv, other Ukranian cities are being evacuated and the economic sanctions against Russia are further tightening the noose.  The latest sanctions target Russian banks.  You can get those updates right here.
  • Aljazeera put together a matter-of-fact rundown of the Russia/Ukraine war.  You can take a peek at the war by the stats and numbers right here.
  • In downright fucking creepy news, an anti abortion group took 115 aborted fetuses (or cell clumps, depending) and buried 110 of them.  What happened to the other 5…?  You can read about it right here.
  • GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz, who is in no position to judge anyone for their lifestyle choices, shot down a bill that would prevent Big Pharma from hiking insulin prices.  His reasoning?  Rep. Gaetz believes insulin-dependent diabetics need to make better choices and lose weight if they don’t like having to choose between paying rent and paying for their medication.  Yeah, he said that.  You can read all about it in this article.
  • Speaking of uncomfortable choices, Canada has decided that they will not be allowing some foreigners to buy houses due to the hellacious price of housing around the world.  Between this and the way he handled the trucker protests earlier this year, PM Trudeau seems dead set on no longer being the wet dream for #woke American liberals.  
  • Meanwhile, the U.S. House of Representatives appears to have reread their job descriptions.  The House voted to hold two uncooperative reps in contempt because of their behavior surrounding the 1/6/21 insurrection.  You can read about the House growing a clue right here.  You can also read about the Justice Department expanding its investigation into these events in this handy article.
  • In happy political news, Ketanji Jackson has officially become the first African American female justice on the United States Supreme Court.  May she always torture Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham by her very existence.
  • Oh, and it turns out Leonardo da Vinci invented the earliest whoopie cushion.  You can read about it right here and hopefully laugh as hard as I did.

If you’re concerned about Russian civilians being incarcerated for peaceful protests and speaking their minds, please consider donating to OVD-Info.  This organization works tirelessly to make sure less Russian civilians are unjustly jailed.  You can donate to OVD-Info right here.

If you can, please consider making a donation to Ukranians affected by the current crisis.  Consider making a donation to Catholic Relief Services or the International Rescue Committee to provide displaced Ukranians with much needed food, shelter, and medical care.  Or, if you are more concerned about the children, please donate to UNICEF.  Honestly, anything helps at this point.

Check out the fundraiser to get this sweet boy named Orion a seizure alert dog.  His original service dog passed away and poor Orion still asks about him.  Orion’s family has been doing what they can to make dogs part of Orion’s therapy because he positively lights up when he works with them, but Orion still needs a service dog of his own.  It looks like they raised way more than their goal, but I’m sure every little bit still helps.  You can check it out here.

As always, I have to mention the MindBody/Wellness Research and Science Network group on Facebook.  The chick who runs it takes an evidence-based approach to holistic topics.  I appreciate her common sense-meets-spirituality way of doing things.  

Aaaannnnyyyyhoo…  Onto the Reading, Shall We…?

I asked the cards what we need to know during the week of 4/4/22 – 4/11/22 and I got:  The Fool (number 0, taking a leap of faith, optimism, new beginnings, the need to follow one’s instincts and intuition, the need to remain true to oneself, trusting oneself, and having faith in what lies beyond); Two of Pentacles (number 2, mood swings, balancing several things at once, money fluctuations, a warning against one-sided relationships, balancing one’s needs with others’ needs, the need to get one’s priorities straight, and a warning to watch one’s spending); Three of Cups (number 3, relationships based on friendship, celebration, the birth of a project or a child, preparation for a fertile time); and the Sun (number 19, joy, confidence, all things coming to the light, renewal of energy, seeing things differently, creativity, the need to express oneself, and possibly the birth of a child).  Huh.  My first thought is, this spread has an optimistic Aries vibe.  Anyone who has ever known or loved an Aries knows they are a bundle of goal-directed chaos.  A happy Aries is a fun-loving, one-pointed beam of light.  But an angry Aries…?  Let’s not spoil the mood because this week’s energy feels very much like a happy Aries.  We can also describe this week as a happy Major Arcana sandwich.  Unlike previous weeks where we had highly precarious and loaded spreads, this karmic sammich talks about seeing signs that you’re moving in a better direction.  There are no fated decisions or catastrophic events that burn your world to the ground.  Even if you have the chaotic week from Hell, I feel like the cards are telling us that your Higher Self will give you a huge nudge in the direction that gets you the fuck out of Dodge.  Our first card, the Fool, kicks off this reading by saying now is a great time to follow your intuition and take a leap of faith.  Have you been itching to do things differently?  Maybe certain songs, colors, or symbols have been following you everywhere.  Weird dreams, perhaps?  The Fool says your impatience and anxiety have been trying to push you to the next phase.  Don’t worry about not having all of the information because the Fool is a card of optimism.  I know it’s easier said than done.  If you’re prone to anxiety, this would be a great week to do a Higher Self meditation like this one.  You might also want to ask questions about what you need to do next, then get the answers through automatic writing.  Whatever the case, make sure you are more in touch with your intuition than a gaggle of agony aunts before you do anything.  The next card, the Two of Pentacles, reminds us that there are limits.  There is not enough time, energy, or money for everything, so you will need to prioritize in order to maintain balance in your life.  Some of the anxiety and impatience you might feel this week stems from wanting to pursue every adventure and project that comes your way, but knowing you can’t.  Choose your top three, then balance those around the rest of your life.  This is a great time to introduce our next card, the Three of Cups, a card of collaboration, friendship, and sometimes birth.  I feel like this is the week where a friend or acquaintance who has been watching you for a while gets ready to offer you a project.  This might also be the week where someone you’ve been talking to romantically decides you guys need to go on a “friendly” date (let them keep their plausible deniability for now).  Our sunshiny spread concludes with the Sun, a card of joy, confidence, and renewal.  Don’t get too hung up on the word renewal because this does not feel like the week when your ex will come back to you.  I feel like the renewal corresponds to a change in your attitude or perspective.  If a relationship or work situation has been difficult, this is the week where you get that one piece of information that inspires you to confidently do things differently.  The renewal might be as simple as deciding to feel grateful for your daily routine, rather than being weighed down by it.  In fact, the Three and Sun together might be telling us to express gratitude for someone or something in our lives, even if the act of gratitude is a hug or giving some area of your life extra TLC.  Just heed the warning of the Two of Pentacles and respect your limits.

PLEASE READ:  I am not doing private readings for the foreseeable future.  I have way too much going on to create content and be an effective reader.  Please understand, this isn’t personal.  I just need to clean my own mental and emotional house for now.  If you want a badass reading, I suggest you hit up my friend Marshall Delaware.  You can email him at ggm92666@yahoo.ca  Also, I highly recommend you check out my Keen pal Silverbreeze.  You can find her right here.

If you’re looking for an inspirational poem on finding your place in the world amongst a million ghosts, check out Joan Carol Bird’s latest.  Hey, sharing is caring.  While you’re at it, check out her newest collection of creepy tales right here.

I don’t know if you’ve heard about the abortion bans over the last year, but my OG readers can probably guess that grills my cheese in a bad way.  Please consider donating to Planned Parenthood. The problem with banning abortion is, this makes a huge legal loophole for conservative legislators to make things like birth control or women’s healthcare cost prohibitive.  Banning abortion also criminalizes doctors in situations where the pregnancy is nonviable and the fetus needs to be extracted in order to save the mother’s life.  You know those babies conservative pro-life types don’t like paying for?  Taking away abortion rights will most likely create more of those.  I know, I know.  Anyone who would read my blog probably doesn’t get stigmata or have a trauma reaction at the thought of Planned Parenthood.  (If you do think I owe the world an apology for singing the praises of Planned Parenthood, I have two things to say to you.  One, please remember what your religion told you about judging others and take a long look in the mirror.  Two, perhaps you should acquaint yourself with other services Planned Parenthood provides.  They offer women and men’s preventive healthcare, birth control and emergency contraception, HIV services, assistance for the transgender community, sexual assault crisis counseling, pregnancy counseling, and STD testing.  You can learn more about these services right here.)

Also, consider donating to Blind Cat Rescue.  They do wonders for blind and FLV+ cats.

For those of you who can’t resist a little subtle virtue signaling, why not buy a shirt that gives back?  Arm the Animals has some of the cutest shirts I’ve seen in a long time, plus a portion of the proceeds go to shelter pets in need.  I also love Meow.com because this site allows me to buy a new workout shirt and give to homeless kitties at the same time.

P.S.  I managed to publish the first part of my first novel in 2019!!  I’m excited and want to share it with you. Check out Water Torture Part One: Have You Checked the Children? Here.  Please read and review it.  Thank you!!

Did you like my buddy Marshall Delaware, aka G. G. MacLeod?  Check out our latest political collab.  He’s coming back in the near future, FYI.  If you want to read an awesome historical fiction novel, you can get your hands on his book here.  It may take place in Ancient Rome, but Augusta couldn’t be any more timely if it tried.  He actually dropped Part Two a while ago and then gifted the world with Part Three.  Part Four is right here.  And, ehrmagerd, you can even score Part Five.  For those of you who can’t do the piecemeal thing, check out The Omnibus Edition so you can get Volumes 1-6 in one place.  I think you should go get it, Tiger!

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