Tarot Reading of the Week: 8/11/20 – 8/18/20

DISCLAIMER: As always, everything presented here is for entertainment and semi-educational purposes only.  Please do not mistake this for mental health therapy or advice.  If you need mental health counseling or treatment, please contact your insurance company, local college’s student counseling clinic, county crisis line, or the Psychology Today Portal.

If you want a running list of COVID-19 resources and news, check out my list here.  Also, check out this running list of disaster hotlines by state.  **I have quite a few articles for the news and resources page, but way too much is else calling my attention right now.  I have 120 more articles that go through the end of May.  Beyond that, I haven’t been able to sort through the info coming out.  Sorry to be so slow.

WARNING:  This is the part of my weekly post where I talk about some pop-psychological and tangentially metaphysical thing.  My belief is I’m not the only one noticing this and I wonder how it will affect the New Normal (™).  I am doing this in the hopes that it is useful for someone.  If you are not that someone, you are more than welcome to skip to the reading.  Please accept my humble apologies if you found this preachy.

My instinct during election season is to hibernate, even though I know that’s not what I’ve ever done.  I have already recruited my old friend Marshall Delaware to make a bunch of politically-themed posts as a social commentary.  You can practically smell the disgust for Trump coming out of my pores.  Methinks hibernation isn’t possible.

May as well double down, was my first thought.  Just rip the bandage off and parade the skulls of your enemies.

But something told me that was a horrible idea that probably smells disgusting.  Then I wondered what is the driving force behind the “fuck it” thoughts that come before the double-down behaviors.  

It turns out the urge to go out guns a-blazin’ stems from an error in logic called the sunk cost fallacy.  The gist of the sunk cost fallacy is you will continue to repeat a behavior that you know isn’t working for you because you feel you need to get something out of the whole fandango.  Some examples you may recognize:

  • Pre-coronavirus, you went to an all-you-can-eat buffet that served some of the nastiest, most gelatinous food you’ve ever eaten.  And you weren’t even that hungry.  But you continued eating because you may as well get your money’s worth.
  • You keep an expensive pair of shoes that you never wear because you already paid for them.
  • You stay in a relationship that has gone stale because you’ve already put in the time and starting over would be too difficult.
  • When you get caught doing something wrong or stupid, you continue to argue your stance to the point of hitting below the belt because if you’re gonna go, you may as well go big.
  • You found out that your political party, cause, belief system, celebrity, or religious group of choice isn’t as great as you thought.  However, you keep defending them because you’ve invested a lot of emotional and mental energy in them, so you may as well get something out of it.

Are you catching the theme here?  The sunk cost fallacy involves a great deal of pride and entitlement.  The sunk cost fallacy also doesn’t give a shit about what political party you stan, your religious beliefs, your individuality, or all that affectatious garbage you do to keep up appearances.  None of us are immune to behaving this way.  If this resonates with you, ask yourself:

  • How does the sunk cost fallacy affect how I spend my money?  What am I afraid of losing or attracting in my financial life?
  • How does the sunk cost fallacy affect my relationships at work?  What am I afraid of losing or attracting in my career?
  • How does the sunk cost fallacy affect my family relationships?  What am I afraid of losing or attracting in my family relationships?
  • How does the sunk cost fallacy affect my romantic relationships?  What am I afraid of losing or attracting in my romantic relationships?
  • How does the sunk cost fallacy affect my friendships?  What am I afraid of losing or attracting in my friendships?
  • Is this something I want in my New Normal (™)?
  • What would I like to do differently?  How can I start doing that now?

If you’re still in the mood for a little metaphysical tough love, check out Stargirl the Practical Witch’s latest:

When you’re done with thinking, you need to watch Seattle Chef Joe’s Facebook Videos.  Please check out his FB page here.  

As always, I have to mention the MindBody/Wellness Research and Science Network group on Facebook.  The chick who runs it takes an evidence-based approach to holistic topics.  I appreciate her common sense-meets-spirituality way of doing things.

Aaaannnnyyyyhoo, Onto the Reading.  Shall We…?

I asked the cards what you need to know from 8/11/20 – 8/18/20 and I got:  Temperance (number 14, moderation, balancing the light and dark aspects of oneself, staying grounded while manifesting, balance, the need to use critical thinking, a warning against one-sided relationships, and the need to think things through); Ace of Pentacles (number 1 or 11, new life on the material plane, new career or financial opportunities, success and prosperity, reward or bonus, life is stable, and a new sense of self-worth); Six of Pentacles (number 6, giving and receiving help, help with no strings attached, charity, equality, practical help at just the right time, sharing, support, and reaping what one sows); Ten of Swords (number 10, back-stabbing, gossip, slander, the power of words, time to leave a bad situation, mental stress, the need for a vacation, the need to relieve tension, and possibly faraway help).  The general vibe around this spread feels mostly positive, but contains a confirmation that someone around you really sucks.  I feel like the Ten of Swords is telling us the human tumor in your anus is someone you suspected was fake, two-faced, jealous, or would throw you under the bus to get the spotlight on them.  This tumor gets exposed because you are being presented with some solid opportunities for advancement, which I feel you are either taking advantage of or are about to take the first step.  These opportunities are represented by the Ace of Pentacles and the Six of Pentacles.  The Ace speaks to new financial opportunities that bring a sense of grounding, whereas the Six tells me you have a great deal of support in making this happen.  The people tied to these opportunities think highly of you and your abilities, even if you don’t.  The Temperance card shows me you will need to reconcile your insecurities with what these new opportunities will require of you.  I feel like the first three cards are saying you can rise to the challenge, but you will need to face your fears regarding asking for help, feeling like you suck because others have put you down, issues with procrastination, and your tendency to shoot yourself in the foot.  The spread begins with the Temperance card and ends with the Ten of Swords.  This combo tells me a couple things.  First, the gossip and slander implied by the Ten of Swords might come out as shady feedback disguised as advice.  If you get a pearl-clutching Karen who tells you how to conduct yourself, pay attention to how this feedback feels.  This shady bitch is someone who uses 10% truth with 90% venom, so take the small kernel of truth and ignore the rest.  Second, the Temperance card tells me you need to pay attention to how you feel when you tell certain people your good news.  In addition to Karen, you may get that two-faced bitch who practices courtesan politics.  You know the type, she may smile to your face and ask about this opportunity, but then make fun of it around your haters.  Beware of someone who seems a little too happy for you or feels like they have an edge to them.  They’re gathering intel, not conversing.  Finally, the combination of the Temperance card and the Ten of Swords shows me you need to take time for yourself too because there’s a lot of energy and stress during this transition.

For those of you who may need a little more this week, I asked the Doreen Virtue Angel Tarot Deck for the mantra for a week.  The definition of mantra for my nefarious purposes is: a present-tense statement that you can repeat to yourself during times of anxiety, sadness, or uncertainty.  It’s not an affirmation because the phrasing is more pragmatic and neutral, than overtly positive.  Here’s what I got:

The Card:  Seven of Earth

Meaning:  Number 7, laying the foundation for the future, a temporary pause or delay, worrying about nothing, the need to have patience, trust the process, keep going, the need to recharge, and the need to plan one’s next steps.

Mantras:  I use this time to plan for my future.

  • I understand that any delays are a chance for me to recharge.
  • I use any delays to regroup and review my progress.
  • I allow others to work through their unique processes.
  • I allow myself the time and space to work through my process.
  • I focus on my next steps, while remaining present in my life.
  • I take one step at a time.
  • I take whatever small steps I can towards my goal.


A quick update on my readings:  I have been asked a few times on Instagram if I have a free reading program for new clients.  Ummm, no.  I used to offer free readings, but please believe me when I say it really didn’t work out for me.  (It worked out so badly that there’s no way in hell I’m going to try giving free readings again.)  I give props to any readers who can make free readings work for them, but I’m not that reader.  I also understand that nobody needs to be paying $40 – $60 for a reading right now.  That’s fair.  Plus there are many other people and organizations—namely animal charities, coronavirus relief charities,Black Lives Matter, the NAACP, NAMI, food banks, and the official George Floyd Go Fund Me pageSo I’m offering $5 one-question mini readings if you donate to:


Here’s what you need to know about the one-question mini readings:

  • Make your $5 donation to any of the above causes.
  • Screenshot me a copy of the receipt with your payment and personal info blurred or crossed out.
  • Send me one question.  I can’t accommodate follow up questions at this time.


If you’re looking for an inspirational poem on finding your place in the world amongst a million ghosts, check out Joan Carol Bird’s latest.  Hey, sharing is caring.  

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Did you like my buddy Marshall Delaware, aka G. G. MacLeod?  Check out our latest political collab He’s coming back at some point this month, FYI.  If you want to read an awesome historical fiction novel, you can get your hands on his book here.  It may take place in Ancient Rome, but Augusta couldn’t be any more timely if it tried.  He actually dropped Part Two a while ago and most recently gifted the world with Part Three.  Part Four is going live on Amazon any day now.  I think you should go get it, Tiger!

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