Tarot Reading of the Week: 7/21/20 – 7/28/20

DISCLAIMER: As always, everything presented here is for entertainment and semi-educational purposes only.  Please do not mistake this for mental health therapy or advice.  If you need mental health counseling or treatment, please contact your insurance company, local college’s student counseling clinic, county crisis line, or the Psychology Today Portal.

If you want a running list of COVID-19 resources and news, check out my list here.  Also, check out this running list of disaster hotlines by state.  **I have quite a few articles for the news and resources page, but way too much is else calling my attention right now.  I have 120 more articles that go through the end of May.  Beyond that, I haven’t been able to sort through the info coming out.  Sorry to be so slow.

I won’t even make excuses as to where I was last week.  The truth is, I wasn’t anywhere special.  I was just depleted.  I’m sorry I couldn’t pull my head out long enough to do a weekly reading.  However, I did post this article about self-sabotage.  (I have about four of the signs, how ‘bout you?)

One of the things I discovered while being about as productive as a zombie air traffic controller was Chiron went retrograde either the 10th or 11th, depending on which article I read.  Chiron is a comet with a random orbit.  Astrologers consider Chiron the wounded healer because it symbolizes the deep wounds in your life.  You can read more about that right here.  When this wacky comet goes retrograde, you might notice that a lot of old issues might come back to haunt you.  Chiron is staying in retrograde through the end of the year.  During this time:

  • Be prepared to apologize.
  • Your abandonment issues may come bubbling back up like that expired milk you drank.
  • You may have a spiritual awakening or two.
  • You might start to see how all of your struggles made you harder, better, faster, stronger.
  • Your struggles and issues might make you more compassionate to others who are going through the same thing.
  • You might be put in situations to forgive yourself and others.
  • Old emotions might come back as flashbacks, dreams, recurring themes in your life, etc so that you can process them (think of it as re-breaking a bone that didn’t heal right).
  • Adopt the motto “heal your wounds and own your shit.”
  • You might feel lost or like a misfit.
  • You might feel attacked or abnormally defensive.

Since 20-fucking-20 seems to like doing things the hard way, I’ll post a spell to help with this Chiron retrograde stuff in a few days.  There’s really no way out, so you may as well buckle up, chill out, and take the bus to Woo-Woo Learning Town.

Because I’m tired of eating my feelings, I’ve been entertaining myself with Seattle Chef Joe’s Facebook Videos.  Please check out his FB page here.  

As always, I have to mention the MindBody/Wellness Research and Science Network group on Facebook.  The chick who runs it takes an evidence-based approach to holistic topics.  I appreciate her common sense-meets-spirituality way of doing things.

P.S.  This class felt awesome:



Aaaannnnyyyyhoo, Onto the Reading.  Shall We…?

I asked the cards what we need to know for 7/21/20 – 7/28/20 and I got:  Three of Swords (number 3, time healing old wounds, grief, sadness, sorrow that leads to renewal, and release of painful memories); Five of Swords (number 5, no-win situation, not being open to negotiation, the need to choose one’s words carefully, false confidence, possibly accepting defeat, and the need to be diplomatic); Queen of Swords (air sign female, a friend who gives good advice, someone who is more logical than emotional, someone concerned with fairness and equality, being cold due to emotional scars, and the need for freedom and independence); Temperance (number 14, moderation, balancing the head and heart, wisdom, allowing divine energy to inspire, the need to think something through, the need to assess areas of one’s life that are out of balance, and a warning against one-sided relationships).  Oof.  I guess the most positive thing I can say right off the bat is, at least we don’t have the Tower card right now.  The winded feeling I got only lasted a couple seconds, so that’s positive too.  Anyhoo, we have three Swords—including one court card—and a Major Arcana card.  Swords are the suit of the mind and often karmic movement.  This spread starts with the Three of Swords, which is a card of grief related to old wounds.  Chiron, you’re an asshole when you move backwards.  I feel like the Three next to the Five of Swords—one of the most car salesman-like cards in the deck—tells me you will finally get confirmation about someone else’s snake-like behavior.  I feel like you have been suspicious of this situation for a while, but never had a reason to confront this person or entity.  They never did anything to you…  or did they…?  These two cards tell me that yeah, they kinda did.  Their actions feel more selfish than spiteful to me, as I don’t feel a real personal beef with this spread.  You got screwed over because they needed attention, money, recognition, or a promotion and they more or less saw you as a pawn or an obstacle.  They saw the quickest way from Point A to Point B was to make you look bad, probably by twisting some personal intel they had on you and poisoning you against others.  That doesn’t make it right, but the lack of emotion on their part means you can leave this situation permanently.  I don’t feel any major explosions here, but I do feel you will need to take this week to process your exit plan.  You need to get the fuck out, that’s super clear.  How you choose to get the fuck out, however, is your choice.  The Queen of Swords is a clear-minded type who does not suffer fools gladly, thank you very much.  I feel like the message you get around this situation couldn’t be any clearer, but the Queen is a reminder to state your peace as tactfully and objectively as possible.  I feel like whoever else is involved might engage in some serious emotional blackmail—playing the victim, tears, insults, telling you that you’re the crazy or broken one, or blaming others.  The only way to not get sucked into the game is to imagine that you are either a detective in an interrogation or a psychologist who is studying insane behavior.  Then imagine this other person is either the perp being interrogated or the research subject.  Stay observant and use some of the tips in this post to get through unscathed.  The Temperance card tells me you may need to listen to whatever it is they have to say and show a little understanding, without revealing your soft, white underbelly.  Use “I” statements and focus on the facts.  Keep showing them that this is more about their behavior than your unhealed wounds.  This person or entity wants you to overreact and get emotional.  The Five of Swords tells me they want dirt on you to use later.

For those of you who may need a little more this week, I asked the Doreen Virtue Angel Tarot Deck for the mantra for a week.  The definition of mantra for my nefarious purposes is: a present-tense statement that you can repeat to yourself during times of anxiety, sadness, or uncertainty.  It’s not an affirmation because the phrasing is more pragmatic and neutral, than overtly positive.  Here’s what I got:

The Card:  Five of Air

Meaning:  Warning against an unwise choice, learn from this situation, be aware of everyone’s motives, a situation that hasn’t worked out, reassessing one’s role in a conflict, selfish or one-sided thinking, and figuring out if the risk was worth the reward.

Mantras:  I listen and observe others’ actions, rather than reacting.

  • I pay attention to my thoughts and feelings before making a choice.
  • I am open to the lessons learned from my struggles.
  • I consider how my behaviors contribute to the situations in my life.
  • I maintain compassion for others without taking on their baggage.
  • I have empathy for others, but maintain healthy boundaries.
  • I allow others their thoughts and feelings without allowing them to hurt me.


If you’re looking for an inspirational poem on finding your place in the world amongst a million ghosts, check out Joan Carol Bird’s latest.  Hey, sharing is caring.  

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Did you like my buddy Marshall Delaware, aka G. G. MacLeod?  Check out our latest political feature.  He’s coming back at some point this month, FYI.  If you want to read an awesome historical fiction novel, you can get your hands on his book here.  It may take place in Ancient Rome, but Augusta couldn’t be any more timely if it tried.  He actually dropped Part Two a while ago and most recently gifted the world with Part Three.  I think you should go get it, Tiger!

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