Metatron Spell to Release Negative Patterns

Preface:  I don’t know why, but I’ve been getting a lot of requests for variations of the Metatron spell for changing negative patterns, removing toxic people from your life, and releasing trauma.  I would like to start doing something different, but I did say I take requests.  This will be the last version of a Metatron spell for a while.  I will also get to Part 2 of my series on how to cast a spell that won’t bite you on the ass after this.  This version of the spell focuses on changing those negative patterns that keep you in a rut and unable to do something new.  It’s important because any magickal intervention you undertake won’t work unless you address and clear the rut.  For those of you looking to use this spell to attract a new love, my thought would be to follow up this Metatron spell with this one here:

Rose Bush Garden Spell for Love

Why you need this:  Ever gone through one of those cycles, where you just keep attracting the same poop in different bags?  A lot of people do this in relationships by constantly seeking out a personality trait in a partner that proves more toxic than a Chernobyl mud bath.  For example, how many of you have that friend who constantly mistakes arrogance or abusiveness for confidence?  How many of you start a job, only to back yourselves into a corner and have to quit before getting fired yet again?  Same old fight with a new significant other?  Yet ANOTHER life emergency happen when you couldn’t be any more broke?  Or do your friends’ and family’s eyes get so glazed over when you talk about the same problems over and over, that you think you’re staring at a couple dozen Krispy Kreme donuts?  Yeah, I thought so.  If you could relate to any of this, you, my dear reader, have to take an honest look at some of the patterns in your life.  Some of these patterns stem from negative self-talk, learned behavior from childhood, responses to negative events, and even past lives.  Think of your life like a house.  The longer you live there, the more stuff you accumulate.  Once you wrap your mind around how much stuff you’ve accumulated in this life, think about how much baggage came with you from previous lifetimes.  What do you do when the clutter in your house gets to be too much?  Burn it down, clean it, have a garage sale, or whatever you must do to make the house livable.   Having negative emotional, karmic, physical, career, and financial patterns isn’t a problem in and of itself.  Not bothering to do a darn thing about it is the real problem.  Archangel Metatron agrees and is ready to help.  Also known as the Messenger Angel or the Angel of Life, Metatron is in charge of the Akashic Records and can tell you a thing or two about your karmic patterns.  Stop thinking about what cheese you were going to have with your whine and acquaint yourself with this awesome angel here:

Tips and Warnings:  Metatron is one of the most helpful guides I’ve worked with, but be careful of what you wish for when you ask him for information.  This angel will remind you on no uncertain terms that he is under no obligation to sugar coat things or hide your flaws.  I’ve experienced information from him as stream-of-consciousness thoughts, flashes of light just before odd coincidences, dreams, and strong gut feelings.  It’s best to keep a small notebook with you or use an app like Evernote for a month after doing this spell.  You also have to be explicit with Metatron regarding what it is you want to know.  Do you want to be informed of your self-sabotaging patterns or do you also want solutions?  If you ask for solutions, be aware that Metatron is kind of like the Pintrest of the Angelic realm—he gives you plenty of inspiration and instructions, but you have to put in the elbow grease.

You Will Need:

  1. 1 white novena candle or the 7-color chakra novena candles
  2. 1 black novena candle (I dig novena candles because they last for the duration of the spell, but to each their own.)
  3. Rose, patchouli, and frankincense or copal oil (or any combination of the three, in case you want to put it in you body wash or fabric softener to keep the energy going after you’ve anointed it). You can buy quality oils for the best prices at
  4. Frankincense incense

**If you don’t have a good metaphysical shop near you, check out either of these two stores.  I love their candles and the staff has always been friendly and helpful.  PS—they ship!!

Dragon Marsh

Panhalla Metaphysical and Psychic Center

PPS—If you go through Panhalla, ask about their ritual soaps.  Those things will rock your metaphysical world and exfoliate your butt at the same time.


  1. Do the following Merkaba meditation and get yourself in the zone:
  2. Light the incense and the candles and meditate further on the Merkaba from Step 1.
  3. Set your intention to clearing negative karmic patterns and calling forth more positive relationships and/or patterns with the following wording: “I ask the glorious archangel Metatron to please clear the negative emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and karmic patterns from my path that create (list the two or three main negative traits in your past patterns) in my relationships and life.  Please show me these patterns so I can do my part in clearing them.  Please replace these negative patterns with healing, love, truth, white light, and prosperity.”
  4. Repeat the following prayer three times:

Archangel Metatron, angel of life, I thank God for making you so diligent about observing and recording what happens throughout the universe in God’s Book of Life (the Akashic Records). Please guide me to make the best choices in life so I can avoid unnecessary regrets and build a strong spiritual legacy for which I can be grateful. Reveal a summary of the information that your records contain about my life so far, highlighting what’s most important for me to understand about how to move forward well to fulfill God’s purposes for my life.

My whole life is shaped by the quality of my thoughts, which lead to my attitudes, words, and actions. Every decision I make begins with a thought in my mind. So teach me how to think positive thoughts that will lead to positive results in my life. Urge me to change negative thoughts to positive ones by praying for God’s help to renew my mind. Help me purify my motives and balance my emotions so I can live at peace with God, myself, and other people.  Draw my attention to the distinctive ways I can use my strengths to help make this fallen world a better place because I lived here. Encourage me to focus on what interests me the most and what I do best. Then reveal which specific needs around me I can meet in light of those unique qualities in my life. Guide me to organize my life well, so I’m setting the best priorities and making decisions that reflect those priorities.”

(***If the word ‘god’ isn’t your thing, choose ‘higher power,’ ‘the universe,’ or something more neutral.)

I’d love to take credit for that prayer, but I can’t.  I cut it and repurposed it from here:

  1. After each repetition of the prayer, repeat your intention statement from Step 3.
  2. Meditate on the Merkaba.  See yourself inside of it and make note of any thoughts, feelings, or perceptions you have while in this state.  Stay as long as you need.
  3. Close out the ritual in whatever way makes sense to you and give thanks to Metatron.
  4. Repeat anywhere from 9-30 days.

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