Spice’s Tarot Card ‘O the Week #66: The Tower

The Card:  The Tower is one of the most dreaded cards in the tarot deck, probably because one of the central themes is destruction.  Most tarot decks depict The Tower as a melee of chaos, typically with a burning edifice and hapless people screaming and falling to the ground.  I’d like to say The Tower is a lot cuddlier and more user-friendly than that, but I think the best I can do is say it’s just a bit misunderstood.  The Tower signifies a breakthrough, break up, or break down, which is quite painful.  However, the deeper meaning of this card often indicates whatever is departing the querent’s life in a blaze of Napalm and glory no longer had any purpose being there.   Kick off those My Little Pony high heels, folks.  The drill sergeant that is The Tower will get in your face if you even think of being in denial, getting complacent, or trying to hold onto something that needed to leave.  Seeing this card is a lot like boot camp in that you will emerge stronger, provided you do what you’re told and don’t fight the current too much.  In a relationship spread, The Tower can mean the end of a relationship that’s been on life support or way too volatile to survive for a long time.  It can also mean all of the no-win, here-we-go-again arguments in the relationship will be brought to the surface so the querent and partner can kill them once and for all.  It can also mean one partner said or did something that causes the other to feel differently about them, as if they finally see who this person is.  In a business or financial spread, this card typically means all of the querent’s bad or unethical habits will come to bite them and they will be given one last chance to correct their ways.  It can also mean a reprimand, firing, or some situation in which the querent will be investigated or otherwise asked to explain themselves.  Take a deep breath, be honest, and avoid blaming others this week.  Like childbirth or a root canal, The Tower promises things will get better if you can just get through the pain and turmoil of the present.

Warnings:  The Tower brings da pain like no other card in the deck, but you bring the drama.  Acceptance is the key to working through what The Tower presents, even if the situation seems unfair or somehow unwarranted.  You’ll get a chance to avenge yourself, but this is a time for you to reflect on your part and find workable solutions for yourself so it never happens again.  Unfortunately, most things lost to The Tower are gone for good.  If a relationship ended, it’s probably not going to come back.  If you get written up at work, the powers that be won’t change their minds if you keep arguing with them.  Another thing to avoid with this card is, well, avoidance.  Changes brought by The Tower are noticeable, significant, and not easily swept under the rug.  If you were thinking of taking up a mindfulness practice, this might be a good week for it.  Just sayin’…


  1. What is the first situation that comes to mind as you read this card description (i.e. your marriage, not hearing from your girlfriend for four days, your BFF going M.I.A. after an argument, tension at work, et al)?
  2. How are you likely to encounter the situation this week (e.g. being at home is getting more awkward, your significant other is blowing up your phone, your boss doesn’t seem as friendly, you’re always the one to call your friend first, etc.)?
  3. Who are the other people or entities involved in this situation (i.e. your boss, the bank, your spouse, your in-laws, the courts, a professor, et al)?
  4. What do you want from them in this situation (e.g. for your spouse to acknowledge the work you do, to not constantly be reminded of your mistakes, proper training, space, a good reference, etc.)? Have you told them?  If so, how?
  5. What do they want from you in this situation (i.e. for you to do your paperwork properly, to stop spending frivolously from your joint account, to not constantly be reminded of their mistakes, less tension, acknowledgement, et al)? Have they told you?  If so, how?
  6. How are your answers to Questions 4 and 5 similar? How are they different?
  7. What are three thoughts you have when you think of this situation (e.g. “why am I always the bad guy?;” “I’m not ready for this;” “oh no;” “let’s get this over with;” etc.)? Do you think these thoughts are more positive or negative?  Why?
  8. What are three feelings you have when you think of this situation (i.e. jealous, angry, sad, defensive, numb, happy, relieved, impatient, neutral, exhausted, loving, et al)? Do you think these feelings are more positive or negative?  Why?
  9. Based on your answers to the previous questions, what about this situation is not in your control (e.g. how long it takes others to respond to your messages, others’ impressions of you, whether or not your spouse ends your marriage, whether or not your boss writes you up, the stock market, etc.)?
  10. Based on your answers to the previous questions, what about this situation is in your control (i.e. your mood, how you respond to allegations, whether or not you choose to stalk your friend, how much effort you put into your paperwork, how much you spend, your attitude, et al)?
  11. What is one thing you can do this week to help yourself in this situation (e.g. acknowledge your mistakes, make an effort not to stalk your friend, meditate, practice mindfulness, be as diplomatic as possible, get to work early, tell your spouse why you love them, etc.)? Are you likely to do this?  Why or why not?
  12. What is a prayer, affirmation, mantra, activity, ritual, et al you can use this week to keep yourself relatively sane (i.e. “The Lord’s Prayer,” your favorite Beatles song, Quan Yin mantras, gong meditation at your local yoga studio, grounding meditations on YouTube, et al)?

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