Spice’s Tarot Card O’ the Week #65: Queen of Swords

The Card:  The Queen of Swords can mean an air sign female, or she can signify many of the cardinal traits of air: efficient, more logical than emotional, and an emphasis on decision-making.  When the Queen signifies a person, this person is typically more of a logical friend than emotional lover and is often concerned with equality and what is fair, rather than what feels right in the moment.  This person will also cut you out if you become too dramatic, needy, draining, or illogical.  Just like that, as if you had surgery, but didn’t know you even went to the hospital.  If the Queen of Swords represents someone you have to deal with in the near future, don’t attempt to manipulate or make emotional pleas because this person probably will be turned off and tune out your soliloquy.  The Queen of Swords can also represent a person who is outwardly cold due to emotional scars or someone who can use words destructively and quite bluntly.  This Queen is not amused and is the picture of candor if you piss her off.  In a relationship spread, the Queen of Swords can represent one party pulling away and seeing things objectively, or uncomfortable truths being blurted out in an argument.  The elephant in the room has a name when this chick shows up in a relationship spread.  Not only will she talk to Dumbo directly, but Queenie will also point out all of his piles of manure.  The Queen of Swords can also represent a good time to have a tough talk, but just do so with as little emotion as possible to prevent hard feelings and festering resentments.  Also, bear in mind the interpretation of this queen as someone who seems cold due to old wounds.  If your partner seems cold this week, think of it as more of a self-protection factor and proceed with compassion.  In a financial or work spread, The Queen of Swords represents this being a good time to focus on the facts.  Hate your job, but need your job?  Focus on the positives of your job or your bad attitude could get you into trouble.  Do you need to look for work or have an interview?  Stop making excuses and put yourself out there.  The Queen of Swords represents a good time to take a look at what has been holding you back and come up with a solution.

Warnings:  The Queen of Swords has no time for your excuses, drama, or bullshit.  Blaming things on others will not work with her.  She can be incredibly independent, to the point togetherness might feel smothering to her.  A lot of old resentments find a way of leaking through the surface when she appears, but you have the choice to either hash it out or stuff it back down, possibly making things worse.  Beware of sideways comments (yours and others’) when you see The Queen of Swords.  There’s typically more truth than usual in these comments, but it’s best to either avoid making them or just not take them personally.  You’re not perfect and The Queen of Swords will bring it to light.


  1. What is the first situation that comes to mind when you read about this card (i.e. needing to get your GED at age 40, deciding whether to cut out certain friends, feeling at a crossroads in your career, et al)?
  2. How are you likely to encounter the situation you described this week (e.g. your friend is having a party and expects an RSVP, you feel drained just thinking about going to work, you were passed over for a job because you don’t have a GED, etc.)?
  3. Who are the other people or entities involved in this situation (i.e. your friends, your spouse, your employer, the job market, your boss, et al)?
  4. What do you want from them in this situation (e.g. a job, for them to stop glorifying pot and look at how they’re making their own drama, for them to shut up and let you talk, for them to see you as an equal, for them to give you your GED, etc.)?
  5. Have they expressed what they want from you in this situation? What have they said or done (i.e. they roll their eyes when you talk, they’ve asked for money, they’ve asked questions about your resume, they invited you to their party, they text you daily, etc.)?
  6. How are your answers to Questions 4 and 5 different? How are they similar?
  7. What parts of this situation are within your control (e.g. whether you go to the party, how you write your cover letter, whether you give them money, your level of sarcasm, how punctual you are, etc.)?
  8. What parts of this situation are not in your control (i.e. how your friend receives your sarcasm, your significant other deciding to blow up your phone, if the hiring manager likes you, if there is availability in the GED program, et al)?
  9. When you think about this situation, what is at least one thought you have (e.g. “do I have to listen to them again?”; “I really want that job;” “I think I’ll stay home;” “battle stations, men;” et al)?
  10. When you think about this situation, what is at least one feeling you have (i.e. amused, indifferent, happy, dread, anxiety, general weirdness, curiosity, feeling drained, etc.)?
  11. Based on your answers to these questions, what is at least one thing you can do this week to help yourself in this situation (e.g. leave when your friend starts playing the victim, put out more resumes, develop a cover letter, meditate before your interview, et al)?
  12. Are you likely to do these things? Why or why not?
  13. What is a prayer, mantra, song, etc. you can use this week to help keep you focused and sane (i.e. a ritual to Quan Yin, Kali mantras, start a novena to St. Jude, working in your garden, meditation videos on YouTube, etc.)?

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