Spice’s Tarot Card ‘O the Week #64: King of Cups

The Card:  When signifying a person, the King of Cups often refers to a water sign male who can be moody, sensitive, and intuitive.  He is often passionate, but not often amenable to talking about his feelings.  In a relationship spread, this king often refers to a new romantic prospect or a male relative.  If it is a new romantic prospect, then this brand spankin’ new person either has a dark side or is very selective about what he or she reveals.  If this card signifies the querent, the querent needs to spend some time figuring out how they feel before acting.  It can also signify that one or more parties in a relationship need time to lick their wounds.  I’ve seen this card refer to a depressed person, depending on what is surrounding it.  If the King of Cups refers to a specific person in a relationship, they are often watching the querent from the shadows and taking inventory of their observations.  In a business spread, the King of Cups refers to someone who is great at organizing others’ resources.  This boss will be mindful of the bottom line, but may not always be too trustworthy due to the secretive nature of the King of Cups.  In a financial spread, the presence of the King of Cups often means there are things going on behind the curtain that the querent does not know.  It often means the querent should not move ahead with major purchases until they have sorted out their own emotions.

Warnings:  The King of Cups broods more than a 90’s grunge reunion tour.  If you are in a cycle of licking your own wounds, then this king is a warning to stop because you’re about to get an emotional infection.  Go outside and play, you pasty milquetoast!  Anything to get yourself out of a negative emotional cycle.  In a relationship spread, the King of Cups is often a warning to talk about what’s pissing you off before it becomes a resentment and the relationship gets gangrenous and dies.  It’s kind of like having a mischievous pet: Silence is golden, unless your pet is silent.  Then silence is suspicious.  Very, very suspicious.  Unlike the Priestess or the Hermit, the King of Cups is not a sign for you to go inward.  It is a sign for you to talk, journal, interpretive dance, paint, do a one-man show, or whatever it is you do to get out what’s eating you.  The more open and transparent you can be with yourself, the better.  The King of Cups can also be a warning to pay attention to how much effort you are putting forth versus how much effort others are putting into something.  Pay attention.  All will be revealed shortly.  Also, if you’re pulling something shady, the King of Cups is a sign the other person or entity involved knows what’s happening and just isn’t saying anything.  They’re just willing to let you look like an idiot when it all hits the fan.


  1. What is the first situation that comes to mind (i.e. renovating the kitchen, applying for a promotion, negotiating with the insurance company, wondering if your spouse is cheating, your martyr BFF fishing for sympathy, planning Thanksgiving, et al)?
  2. Who are the other people or entities involved in this situation (e.g. your spouse, your kids, crazy relatives, your company, your boss, the bank, a frenemy, etc.)?
  3. What does the other person or entity want from you (i.e. a loan, to use your house for a vacation, to stop hearing about your application, for you to step up at work, for you not to point out what a piece of crap they are, for you not to notice the sneaky stuff they do, et al)? Have they asked you for this?  How?
  4. What do you want from them (i.e. for them to stop asking for money, to be left alone, to get the promotion, acknowledgment for your efforts, common courtesy, not to be kicked in the groin for saying hello, the truth, etc.)? Have you asked them for this?  How?
  5. How are your answers to Questions 3 and 4 the same? How are they different?  Is this positive or negative?
  6. How are you likely to encounter the situation this week (e.g. it’s their birthday, the application deadline is Thursday, you’re getting the telltale text messages from them, etc.)?
  7. When you think about this situation, what are some thoughts you have (i.e. “okay, I can do this;” “I guess it’s not that bad;” “come on, already;” “I wonder what they’re thinking;” et al)?
  8. When you think about this situation, what are some feelings you have (e.g. sad, indifferent, annoyed, giddy, excited, happy, amused, anxious, angry, etc.)?
  9. Based on your answers to these questions, what is one thing you can do this week to help yourself in this situation (i.e. talk to a friend, work out more, listen to the other person, make more of an effort at work, be nice to your spouse, determine what your boundaries need to be, et al)?
  10. Are you willing to do these things? Why or why not?
  11. What is a prayer, affirmation, favorite song, mantra, etc. that you can use to get yourself through the situation (e.g. “Tomorrow” from that musical about an orphan, a Ganesh mantra, a prayer to St. Jude, your favorite Pandora station, moon salutations from yoga, prayer to Brigid or Hera, etc.)?

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