Spice’s Tarot Card ‘O the Week #63: Princess of Pentacles

The Card:   When the card indicates a person, The Princess of Pentacles suggests a young Earth sign female or child.  This young person is loyal, can be stubborn, and often grounded.  Princesses in this deck often mean one’s inner child or dreams that are not yet reality.  This particular princess indicates it is time to make the dream into reality.  You just need to be resourceful and open to any and all solutions.  The good news about The Princess of Pentacles as opposed to other call-to-action cards is this princess has more of a stable vibe to her than, say, The Tower and less of a showy vibe than The Three of Pentacles.  If the card is in a relationship spread, The Princess of Pentacles signifies loyalty and reliability.  It can be a sign that one or both parties needs to focus on the positive in the relationship because it is definitely there.   It can also signify something more practical-ish, like this would be a good week to make serious plans with your partner for remodeling the house, planning your retirement, researching that overseas vacation, or making a large purchase.  In a work or financial spread, The Princess of Pentacles means this is a good time to take on a new project.  If the querent is thinking that they need to take more initiative at work, this is a good week to present your plan to the boss.  This is also a good card for job interviews and starting a new business.

Warnings:  Any plans submitted for others’ approval need to be thorough and carefully analyzed.  Half-baked pies ain’t gonna fly when you see The Princess of Pentacles.  This card also warns against getting too caught up in the daydream aspect of a new project or hung up on petty details.  Just flapping your gums about a pipe dream is not going to be enough.  This card signifies a time to nail down the necessary details and leave behind the fluff.  Separate want from need and focus on need.  Anything else will just fall apart in the long run, sayeth The Princess of Pentacles.


  1. What is the first situation that comes to mind when you read this description (i.e. asking the boss for a raise, looking for work, starting your novel, marital negotiations, etc.)?
  2. How are you likely to encounter the situation this week (e.g. your significant other has been hinting it’s time to get married, you’ve been putting in job applications, you keep having dreams about your novel, you’re ready to take a new approach to job hunting, et al)?
  3. Who are the other people or agencies involved in your situation (i.e. your family, your spouse, your imagination, the government, your boss, the bank, etc.)?
  4. What do you want from them in this situation (e.g. a raise, permission to process client files differently, help with painting the kitchen, commitment to your project, to accept your proposal, et al)?
  5. What do they want from you in this situation (i.e. to stop asking for money, more initiative, a ring, to put off this conversation, the details of your plan, etc.)? Have they told you this is what they want?  How?
  6. How are your answers to Questions 4 and 5 different from one another? How are they the same?
  7. What parts of this situation are things you can control (e.g. whether you accept the proposal, how you present your plan, whether you ask for what you need, how much you offer to compromise, et al)?
  8. What are some thoughts you have when you think of this situation (i.e. “Here we go again;” “No really, this is the day;” “could be fun;” etc.)? Are your answers more positive or negative?  Why?
  9. What are some feelings you have when you think of this situation (e.g. happiness, anxiety, frustration, exhaustion, wariness, uncertainty, et al)? Are your answers more positive or negative?  Why?
  10. Based on your answers to the above questions, what can you do to help yourself this week (e.g. stay calm, use “I” statements, focus on the positive, initiate the conversation, etc.)? Are you likely to do these things?  Why or why not?
  11. What is an affirmation, prayer, mantra, et al you can use to keep yourself sane this week (i.e. Ohm Mani Padme Hum, prayer to St. Raphael, the Wiccan Reede, some dub step album that makes you happy, et al)?

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