Spice’s Tarot Card ‘O the Week #62: Justice

The Card:  As the name implies, Justice concerns itself with fairness and balance.  If there has been an action (positive or negative), Justice makes sure the reaction comes back with equal force.  Issues of fairness and responsibility come into play when this card appears in any spread.  Now is the time to examine your part in events and clean your side of the street, as the 12 Steppers say.  Justice asks the querent to examine whether their actions are matching their reported beliefs.  If not, why not?  What’s the major malfunction, Private Pyle?  Legal matters also bubble up to the surface when the Justice card appears.  In a relationship spread, this card means the querent is being instructed to be responsible for their actions, even if that means calling someone out on an annoying or toxic behavior pattern.  If one party is cheating or lying, this card means all will be revealed.  If the querent is the one being called on their behavior, now is the time to practice flexibility and acceptance.  Now is also the time to make good on any relationship promises.  In a work or career spread, Justice indicates the querent needs to be prepared to back up or make good on anything said or promised.  If words are not matching actions, there will be consequences.  Not done with those reports?  This might be the week you come in a little early and make it happen.  Slacking on customer contact numbers?  Rectify that with a quickness, lest the hammer of Corporate Valhalla come down upon you.  This card could also indicate a trip to HR for the querent or an abhorrent coworker that has been harassing the querent.  Although any performance reviews given during this time won’t be completely horrible—Justice is about fairness, after all—don’t expect to get out of anything either.  In a financial or health spread, the presence of Justice indicates it is time to pay the piper.  Old negative habits—such as eating too much sugar, impulse shopping, binge eating, or not saving—will come to bite you.  Unlike The Tower, Justice presents a relatively simple solution.  You just have to be willing to put in the work.

Warnings:  Although a possible meaning of this card is someone getting what they deserve, don’t get too smug or go out of your way to get anyone in trouble.  Fair is fair and your malice will be noticed.  YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO KICK OTHERS WHEN THEY ARE DOWN JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE HURT.  THERE IS NO NEED TO MANIPULATE OR FREAK THE EFF OUT BECAUSE YOU DON’T THINK THE OTHER PERSON IS SUFFERING ENOUGH.  YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL OR IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO DECIDE THAT.  Justice also warns against laziness or having a victim mentality.  If you’re the one being called to the carpet, then you be the one who objectively looks at the situation and gets stronger because of it.  You get back what you put out with the Justice card.


  1. What is the first situation that comes to mind (i.e. you have been avoiding “a big talk” with your spouse for some time, a draining friend really getting on your nerves, being afraid of getting fired or written up, a complaint you filed against a sexually harassing coworker, et al)?
  2. How are you likely to encounter that situation this week (e.g. you and your spouse have the same days off, you’ve started snapping at your friend, the boss is back from vacation, the bank said this would be the resolution date, etc.)?
  3. Who else is involved in this situation (i.e. your boss, your significant other, your children, the courts, the bank, your smarmy coworker, et al)?
  4. What do you need from the other person to make this situation acceptable to you (e.g. an answer about your loan, for them to obey the restraining order, honest feedback about how you’re doing, for them to tell you where they see the relationship going, etc.)?
  5. How have you historically gotten this from them (i.e. you haven’t—they completely shut down; they blow up, but then come around; via email; in a series of text messages; passive-aggressive social media posts that sound suspiciously like you; snide comments; et al)?
  6. How is what you need different from what you have historically gotten from them (e.g. you want them to be direct with you, you want to know if you need to look for a new job, you want them to completely leave you alone, you want the bank to accept your loan, etc.)?
  7. What are three feelings you have when you think of this situation (i.e. lonely, depressed, happy, “over it,” tired, anxious, annoyed, amused, et al)?
  8. What are three thoughts you have when you think of this situation (e.g. “Here we go again;” “I’m always the last to know;” “Okay, I’m actually going to say something;” “Oh boy;” etc.)?
  9. What are three things that you’re doing that contribute to the situation (i.e. you argue with them, you look the other way when they blow you off, you leave when they talk to you, you procrastinate, you put more effort into the relationship than they do, you shut down, you haven’t always been nice to them, you’ve gossiped about them, excluded them on social media, you’ve actually attempted to ruin them with friends, et al)? Are these things positive or negative?  Why?
  10. Are your answers to Questions 1-9 more positive or negative?
  11. Based on your answers to these questions what can you do to help this situation this week (e.g. listen when they speak, approach your boss, finish your reports, be on time, examine your spending habits, get some rest before dealing with your friend, use “I” statements, etc.)? Are you likely to do this?  Why or why not?
  12. What is a prayer, affirmation, song, piece of art, etc. you can use this week to help you stay focused (i.e. Hail Mary, Chandi Path mantras, grounding meditations, “I accept myself and the situation for what it is,” “I allow the truth to unfold around me for everyone’s highest good,” et al)?

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