How to Cast a Spell That Doesn’t Suck #2: Nitty Gritty of Grounding

What we’re doing:  In the first post, I introduced you to the concept of grounding, or stabilizing the input and output of your energy in order to feel connected to the earth and present moment.  Hopefully you found a form of meditation that has been working for you, as that is the foundation of grounding.  Today’s post is about the more hands-on things you can do to ground on a daily basis.  I’m dividing this into Non-Woo Woo Stuff and The Woo Woo Stuff because this is a skill anyone can master and use, regardless of spiritual orientation.  In fact, if anyone tells you that you must dress like Stevie Nicks or an extra from Daigon Alley and constantly talk about love, light, and goddess energy to cast an effective spell, they can suck an egg.  All forms of witchcraft and energy work are born from various cultures living in harmony with the energies of their environment and using them for their benefit.  Old school witches made what they had work, therefore you do not need to put on a smug, phony Ren Faire and/or Marilyn Manson groupie persona and tell everyone how superior you are to them because you’re such a different duck.  In fact, please don’t.  Your relationship with Earth energy and whatever deities you choose to worship is about you and them, not you and your ego or you and your need to be seen as special.  Got it?

Non-Woo Woo Stuff:  I’m using techniques straight from the mental health community on this one.  Why?  Because I think keeping your wits about you and not getting overly emotional in your spell work is one of the keys to understanding what needs to happen next versus seeing what you want to see.  Grounding lays the foundation for intention-setting, which will be the next posts in this series.  In order to set a clear intention for your spell, you need the self-awareness necessary to understand why you are doing the spell.  Are you casting a love spell because you need the last word, are afraid that you’ll never find anyone else, or do you truly love your ex and want them back?  Are you casting a job spell because you need a job, you know you’re not in the right career, or because you want a job that will make your status-happy family STFU?  These questions are tough to answer if you’re not grounded.  The following techniques are super simple, which is what makes them effective.  You can practice these almost any time you feel the symptoms of not being grounded or when you’re freaking out way more than is comfortable for you.

  1. Count the ceiling tiles and name all of the objects around you.
  2. Carry a small stone with a texture or vibration that you find soothing. It can be on a necklace or in a pouch.  It just has to be accessible.  Touch the stone when you find yourself getting anxious, daydreaming too much, or randomly emotional.
  3. Use soap and lotion with a scent that you find soothing, such as eucalyptus and mint or lavender. As you shower or bathe, visualize what is not serving you going down the drain.  Also visualize the soap creating a sort of energetic barrier between your skin and the world that keeps out what often triggers you, such as other people’s baggage, internalizing criticism, negative news stories, stress, et al.
  4. Visualize a protective bubble around you. Notice what colors you choose and feel free to look them up in a dream dictionary or on a candle magick site.  You’re trying to tell yourself something with the color choice.
  5. Root Visualization: Sit comfortably with your feet or butt on the ground and spine straight. Breathe in and imagine gold energy coming up through the center of the earth, through root-like structures on the bottoms of your feet.  Breathe out and see this energy traveling through your circulatory system to all areas of your body.  Repeat this at least 3 times, until you can feel it.  Now breathe in and visualize silver energy from the heavens or sky funneling in through the top of your head.  Breathe out and see this energy traveling through your circulatory system with the gold earth energy.  Repeat this at least three times, until you can feel and see the heaven and earth energy circulating through you.  Stay in this space for as long as you need.
  6. Anchor Visualization: Sit comfortably with your feet or butt on the ground and your spine straight (in fact, just assume this is spell work position).  Breathe in and imagine an anchor or weight that leads down your spine and connects you to the earth as it descends.  Breathe out and feel the connection between your feet or butt and the earth.  Repeat until you feel more connected to the present and less shaky.

The Woo Woo Stuff:  These are relatively traditional metaphysical techniques to improve grounding.  I have tried many of these with great results.  They work partially because of the energy these objects give off, but also because having a physical object to draw your focus can help if concentration is an issue for you.  These objects and techniques work quite well with the previous list.  If you are new to spell work or have issues with trusting yourself or focus, feel free to combine any item from the first list with this one.  Play with it.  The more interesting it is to you, the better it will work.

  1. Get yourself a piece of smoky quartz, black tourmaline, black quartz, hematite, lode stone, or even regular quartz and practice the visualizations from the previous list. I use a hematite pinky ring when my energy is a little frazzled, but I’m trying to meditate.
  2. Consider getting a piece of jewelry made from these stones and wearing it during your meditation times (charging your jewelry will be another post altogether).
  3. Use sea salt in a bath or scrub. Use a quarter cup of sea salt in a normal bath.  You can combine it with a grounding and clearing essential oil, such as sandalwood, lemongrass, lavender, or patchouli.  Not a bath person?  Salt scrubs are super easy to make.  Just combine one cup of sea salt (I mix it with Epsom salt if I’m using a scrub), one half cup of carrier oil (almond, olive, grape seed…  it doesn’t matter much), and your essential oil to make a paste.
  4. Practice Feng Shui. Learn more about that here:
  5. Pay attention to how certain colors, pieces of music, smells, etc. affect you. Choose the ones you find most centering and strategically place them around your home, work, car, et al.  Practice gratitude when you encounter these items.

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