Spice’s Tarot Card O’ the Week #61: Eight of Wands

The Card:  Speed, fire, swiftness, and action are all words commonly associated with the Eight of Wands.  The Eight of Wands is pretty reliable in that you can count on all areas of life speeding up when this card shows its head.  There is no rest for the wicked, so onward!! Traditionally a card associated with some form of communication, The Eight of Wands makes an appearance when the querent will get an answer to a burning question quickly.  This communication can be in-person, by phone, text, email, or by a look or gesture that tells you everything you always wanted to know.  Trust me, it will be clear if you open your eyes, shut your mouth, and take the cotton out of your ears.  The answer may be harsh or delivered rudely, but it will ultimately bring closure.  The freedom that comes from drawing The Eight of Wands is in finally knowing where you stand so you can move in the best direction for your situation.  This card can also mean it’s time for the querent to take action.  If you have an urge to get something done, this would be a good week to stop overanalyzing and just do it.  Just understand that there’s an “all sales are final” undertone to this card.  That said, you may want to employ some tact when dealing with others unless you want your dirty laundry aired as well.  Any arguments started this week will end quickly, but leave many lingering bad feelings that could permanently change the relationship.   Be prepared to listen twice as much as you speak when you see this card.  In a relationship spread, The Eight of Wands typically signals a “ready or not”-type end to a current issue, if not the relationship itself.  You’re sick of your partner’s crap and want them to change?  It probably goes both ways, Pumpkin Spice.  In a finance or business spread, this card indicates the querent will get an answer about a raise, write up, interview, inquiry, etc.  If you have been wondering where you stand with your boss, this might be the week you learn.

Warnings:  The Eight of Wands is super, super, super abrupt.  Do not expect long, drawn-out negotiations or room to manipulate your way into your desired spot.  Just take the info you get and plan accordingly.  Also, do a little soul searching before you power through an issue.  Don’t ask the question if you can’t deal with ALL possible answers.  No matter what the situation, be prepared to move quickly.  Time and The Eight of Wands waits for no one.  This card could also mean someone in this situation is impatient and might self-sabotage by walking away or starting an argument just to end the suspense.


  1. What is the first situation that comes to mind when you read this card (i.e. confronting your significant other about his/her infidelity, interviewing for other jobs, wondering if you’re getting fired, asking the bank for a loan, et al)?
  2. How are you likely to encounter this situation this week (e.g. it’s time for your performance review, you’re due to receive your credit card statement, the kids are asking why Daddy doesn’t come home, you sent thank you notes for your interviews on Friday, etc.)?
  3. Who are the other people, entities, or agencies involved in your situation (i.e. your spouse, your employer, parents, the bank, other potential employers, et al)?
  4. How would you like them to help you (e.g. give you a raise, admit to the affair, give you a job, give you feedback, put you on a performance improvement plan, tell you why they’re ignoring you on social media, etc.)?
  5. How have they historically handled similar situations (i.e. told you that you’re the problem, ignored your concerns, gossiped about you to family, admitted their mistakes, gotten angry, dealt with the issue quietly, et al)?
  6. What part of this situation is under your control (e.g. how or if you confront them, how much of their behavior you read into or personalize, whether or not you examine your part in the situation, how you accept the feedback, etc.)?
  7. What are some thoughts you have when you think of dealing with this situation (i.e. “I want that job;” “How come I never get a raise?”; “Here we go again;” et al)?
  8. What are some feelings you have when you think of dealing with this situation (e.g. hopeful, full of dread, sick, anxious, depressed, frustrated, tired, happy, amused, etc.)?
  9. Do you feel your answers to Questions 6 and 7 are more positive or negative? Why?
  10. Based on your answers to these questions, what can you do to help the situation this week (i.e. not start any arguments, state your case as objectively as you can, be sure to have your paperwork in order, be prepared in case you have to move out, et al)?
  11. Are you likely to do these things? Why or why not?
  12. Based on your answers to these questions, how can you take care of yourself this week (e.g. take an extra yoga class, do some grounding meditation, get a pedicure, make sure you get enough sleep, cut back on the coffee, stay busy, etc.)?
  13. Are you likely to do these things? Why or why not?
  14. What is a prayer, mantra, affirmation, song, etc. you can use this week when you think about the situation (i.e. “Rodent” by Skinny Puppy; “Hail Mary;” “I accept myself as-is, allowing events to unfold as they are meant to;” et al)?

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