Spice’s Tarot Card O’ the Week #60: Six of Swords

The Card:  The Six of Swords is a card of mental, emotional, or physical healing.  This card tells the story of respite after a long illness or series of problems.  Swords are the suit of the mind, so the Six of Swords indicates now is the time for a mental break (NOTE: I said “mental” and not “psychotic”).  This card indicates a slowing down of sorts, even if you end up having a sinus headache or catching the flu in order to force yourself to do it.  The trick to being successful when you see the Six of Swords is allowing yourself to drop all labels, expectations, and the need to prove yourself.  Drop everything and just exist for a moment.  Relax.  Practice mindfulness and thank the universe for all the lessons learned.  Chaos will happen again.  No need to call it to you.  In a relationship spread, this card tends to mean an issue is either resolved or further arguing is not going to solve anything.  One or both parties is being urged to drop it and lick their wounds for the time being.  This card is actually good news for an “on a break” relationship because it indicates the time apart will be healing for one or both parties.  Both of you could end up better for it.  If you are trying to attract a new relationship, The Six of Swords shows that now might not be a good time to go a-huntin’.  This card does not indicate a new relationship will come to you, but it does mean your energy is better spent healing from a previous one or engaged in self-improvement.  In a work or financial spread, The Six of Swords indicates a more relaxed or quieter period at work.  It’s not uncommon to find this card after the querent has just completed a huge work project or had to answer for a mistake.  There is not much the querent can do at this point, but to learn from the recent flurry of activity and not repeat old mistakes.

Warnings:  The Six of Swords often appears when the querent is about to get sick or encounter a set of circumstances that would force them to slow the eff down and stop with the busy work.  Distractions—such as Pokemon Go!; overworking yourself; or Tinder—won’t work now.  Quite the opposite.  You’ll look desperate, feel pathetic, and end up getting sick or exhausted anyway.  Now is also not the time to start passive-aggressive silent treatments or social media freeze out campaigns.  If you try to manipulate or force time apart from someone, it will be completely transparent.  Also, this card sometimes means the querent is pushing away the other person, agency, or what have you by their nagging, manipulations, threats, etc.  Dude, just stop it.


  1. What is the first issue or situation that comes to mind when you read this description (i.e. having the same fight with your spouse, wishing your mom would see the truth about your sister, being tired of fighting with the mortgage company, et al)?
  2. Who are the other people, agencies, entities, etc. involved in this situation (e.g. your mom, the mortgage company, your spouse, your boss, etc.)?
  3. How are you likely to encounter this situation this week (i.e. your in-laws are threatening to visit, your mom is in the hospital, your boss wants answers, you just submitted the proposal, et al)?
  4. What do you want from the others in this situation (i.e. for your mother to see things your way, acknowledgement, to have a discussion about your proposal, a lower interest rate, to feel like you have finally won the argument, etc.)? Have they given this to you in the past?  Why are you expecting it now?
  5. What aspects of your answer to Question 4 are you willing to let go (e.g. expecting respect from family, expecting your boss to be organized, to look the other way when your mother-in-law makes racist comments, et al)?
  6. What parts of this situation are under your control (e.g. how much effort you put into visiting your mother, how often you ask the boss if he has reviewed your proposal yet, your tone of voice, how and if you tell your spouse how you feel, etc.)?
  7. What parts of this situation depend on others (i.e. when the boss reviews your proposal, others’ opinions of your actions, whether the bank approves your loan modification, how other relatives treat you when you go to the hospital, et al)?
  8. What aspects of Question 7 were you trying to control (e.g. trying to get the boss to review your proposal right now, engaging in image control so others wouldn’t see you as incompetent, skewing the numbers on your application to make your offer more appealing, etc.)?
  9. What are three thoughts you have when you think of this situation (i.e. “this sucks;” “if only x would happen, then I could be happy;” “at least the food’s good;” et al)? Are your answers to this question more positive or negative?  Why?
  10. What are three feelings you have when you think of the situation (e.g. resigned, anxious, sad, angry, frustrated, impatient, bored, happy, amused, giddy, etc)? Are your answers to this question more positive or negative?  Why?
  11. Based on your answers to all of these questions, what is one thing you can do this week to help you take a step back and heal (i.e. stop yourself before gossiping about your sister-in-law, not get involved in your friend’s abusive marriage, take more Vitamin C, start writing in your journal, et al)? Are you likely to do these things?  Why or why not?
  12. What is one prayer, mantra, affirmation, etc. you can use to keep yourself focused on you this week (e.g. “I am good enough as-is,” your favorite Beatles song on repeat, “Ohm Mani Padme Hum,” etc.)?

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