Spice’s Tarot Card O’ the Week #58: Queen of Wands

The Card:  When I see the Queen of Wands in a spread, it denotes a woman (typically a fire sign) of importance.  It often means actual importance, but can also imply self-importance or someone who thinks they should have been famous or should have taken a path that would have gotten them more respect from others.  The traits associated with this card are loyalty and trustworthiness, but whatever is indicated by this card can also be passionate and exciting.  The Queen is generous, provided you don’t take advantage of her good nature.  Manipulation gets you nowhere with the Queen of Wands.  Whatever is indicated by this card needs the admiration and feedback of others to feel complete.  This card is often a sign the querent or situation being read needs to speak up and request respect from others.  Just remember that respect starts with yourself.  Don’t want to visit the insulting in-laws?  Be honest with your spouse about why.  Can’t take on yet another project at work?  Be honest with the boss and reach a compromise.  Don’t want to listen to your friend whine about yet another incident, in which she picked the worst possible man imaginable and started a relationship with him?  Be honest with her about what you see.  The key words are honesty and respect.  If you use these two things liberally, you are more likely to see results this week.  In a relationship spread, the Queen of Wands represents a person who not only demands respect and admiration, but also will do the bare minimum (or cut you off completely) until she gets it.  This is a time for you to examine the give and take in your relationships.  Is it equal and realistic to your situation?  One or both of you could use a little extra TLC and hero worship this week.  In a financial or business spread, this card typically means an emphasis on quid pro quo.  You will receive, but you had better be prepared to give and be honest.  In a work-related spread, this is a good week for the querent to be respectfully assertive and realistic about their capabilities.  The Queen of Wands in the workplace can also indicate the need to hash out professional difficulties with a disrespectful coworker.  It could also indicate you may need to kiss the boss’s butt (with as much sincerity as possible, of course) because feces rolls downhill.

Warnings:  There is a certain amount of narcissism and entitlement to what you have not earned with this card.  Be careful that you are not demanding something you are not owed or that the other person is unable to give.  Keep your expectations of others realistic.  They have their own issues and don’t have to drop everything to soothe your ego.  On the flip side, you could encounter an entitled, narcissistic type.  Be prepared to assert your boundaries, just don’t get insulting or unnecessarily sarcastic.


  1. What is the first situation that comes to mind (i.e. a work project you don’t want to do, your spouse not seeming as into you as they were before, wanting to start your own business, a custody hearing, et al)?
  2. Who are the other people or agencies involved (e.g. your ex, your boss, that suck up coworker, your spouse, investors, etc.)?
  3. What are parts of this situation you can handle by yourself (i.e. talking with the boss, making sure your paperwork is complete, showing up on time for your meetings, suggesting possible solutions, et al)?
  4. What are parts of this situation that require help from others (e.g. others showing up for meetings, investment capital being available, your coworkers’ willingness—or lack thereof—to help, your spouse’s willingness—or lack thereof—to understand your point of view, etc.)?
  5. What are some obstacles in this situation that only involve you (i.e. you can be a bit lazy, you have a history of being a jerk to them, you feel discouraged, you have resting bitch face, this is out of your area of expertise, et al)?
  6. What are some obstacles in this situation that involve others (e.g. they feel you’re crying wolf, they’re cynical, they have told you they don’t think you’d help them in the same way, they don’t have the money or time to give you, etc.)?
  7. What are some thoughts that come to mind when you think about this situation (i.e. “I’ve been a jerk;” “they need to give me what they owe me;” “why me?”; et al)?
  8. What are some feelings you have in this situation (e.g. sad, frustrated, exhausted, hopeful, nervous, happy, etc.)?
  9. When you think about your answers to Questions 7 and 8, do you feel they are more positive or negative? Why?
  10. Are there any aspects of this situation you are willing to change, such as how you deal with everyone else involved? Why or why not?
  11. What is one thing you are willing to do this week to deal with this situation (i.e. not call your coworker names, not interrupt your spouse when they are speaking, get your paperwork done on time, assert yourself with your parents, et al)?
  12. What is a prayer, mantra, or affirmation that you are willing to use to get you through this situation (e.g. the Durga mantra, Prayer to St. Raphael, your favorite death metal song, etc.)?

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