Tarot Card ‘O the Week #57: The Lovers

The Card:  I think every tarot client I’ve ever had rejoices when they see this card.  The surface meaning is pretty self-explanatory—it’s a card that deals with emotions, usually powerful and passionate ones.  Not so fast, Speed Racer!  Yes, The Lovers is a powerful relationship and emotions card.  No, it does not mean your wildest dreams will come true and you’ll get a romantic proposal from the person at the coffee shop, followed by a hot night of monkey love.  This card indicates important relationships will be in the forefront this week, but not necessarily in that way.  I mean, I love you, but I’m not in love with you…  *ahem* Where was I?  This card means it will ultimately be a good business, romantic, family, et al relationship week, but there are going to be important decisions to make.  The querent is at a crossroads in their relationships and the time is nigh for conversations to be had and moves to be made.  NO MATTER WHAT RELATIONSHIP THIS CARD IS TALKING ABOUT, THE LOVERS INDICATES THAT THE QUERENT NEEDS TO BE CLEAR ABOUT WHAT THEY WANT OR NEED IN THIS SITUATION.  SELF-HONESTY IS A HUGE COMPONENT IN THIS CARD.  In a relationship spread, the relationship being read is indeed important to at least one of the people.  The Lovers can mean the querent’s feelings are returned, there will be an important turning point in the relationship (usually positive), it’s a good time for both parties to express themselves, or the people in the relationship need to make a decision about the future.  Mind you, this applies to all relationships, not just love relationships.  However, it can mean this is a good week for a single querent to meet a new partner.  In a financial spread, The Lovers suggests the querent will have the resources (energetic, financial, material, family and friend, personal, et al) available to accomplish their goal, but the querent needs to be clear about the goal and willing to take some action.  If this spread has to do with an upcoming event, the ultimate result will be good, provided the querent is clear about what they want and open to all possibilities.

Warnings:  Did I mention that personal accountability is huge with this card?  Was I too subtle?  Okay.  BE PREPARED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR CHOICES WHEN YOU SEE THIS CARD.  This means you may not completely get what you want, but you get the liberation that comes with owning your choices.  The hot guy still doesn’t know you’re alive or tells you “you’re like a sister to me?”  That’s cool.  Another man bus will be along shortly.  You and the spouse still aren’t on the same page after “The Big Talk?”  Okay.  At least you know you’re in the same book and can create something positive from there.  The Lovers card is about owning your choices and being honest about where you are, not about manipulation or making something out of nothing.  Part of being honest is differentiating between love and obsession.  SEEING THIS CARD DOES NOT MEAN THE OBJECT OF YOUR AFFECTION/OBSESSION/STALKER-LIKE SUBLIMATIONS OF YOUR FEELINGS ABOUT FAMILY WILL RETURN YOUR LOVE/LUST/OBSESSION WITH OWNING THEM.  You are in no way entitled to bend the will of another human being.  It just means this situation is important and can turn out positive.  Stay out of your head and out of the realm of fantasy when you see The Lovers.  Now is the time for you to work with what you know to be true, not what you hormonally wish would occur.


  1. What is the first situation that comes to mind as you read the description for The Lovers (i.e. whether you will get a raise, if the new guy at work will talk to you, will you get that new job, will the student loan company take pity on you, if your ex will call this week, if you should tell off your mother-in-law, et al)?
  2. Who are the other people or entities involved in this situation (e.g. your mother-in-law, your spouse, your employer, that hot guy who doesn’t know you exist, your ex, a bank, etc.)?
  3. What do you want from these other people or entities (i.e. for your mother-in-law to back off, for your wife to understand you, a date, to get your payments reduced, for them to give you a job, et al)?
  4. Think about your history with these people and entities. How often have you gotten them to do what you want in the past?
  5. Imagine these other people and entities will stay exactly the same. What are some feelings that come to mind (e.g. sad, upset, resigned, angry, suspicious, shut down, etc.)?
  6. Imagine these other people and entities will stay exactly the same. What are some thoughts that come to mind (i.e. “this sucks;” “why do I have to come to them?”; “figures;” “why does this always happen to me?”; “eff them;” et al)?
  7. Do you feel that your answers to Questions 5 and 6 are more positive or negative? Is this something you are willing to change?  Why or why not?
  8. What is one thing you can do completely differently in this situation this week (e.g. actually let someone else make the first move for once, send them a text message, schedule a meeting with your boss, write your concerns on paper, try to show up on time for work, call the student loan company, etc.)?
  9. What are some feelings that come to mind when you think about your answer to Question 8 (i.e. mad, sad, scared, horrified, happy, amused, anxious, insecure, et al)?
  10. What are some thoughts that come to mind when you think about your answer to Question 8 (e.g. “I can’t do that;” “Hmmm… Maybe;” “why not?”; etc.)?
  11. Based on your answers to the questions so far, what is at least one thing you would be willing to do differently in this situation this week (i.e. be upfront about your feelings, call an old friend, admit that you can’t make the payment, use “I” statements, et al)?
  12. What are some prayers or affirmations you can use to maintain your confidence this week (i.e. The Lord’s Prayer, Ohm Mani Padme Hum, “I am strong and capable,” etc.)?


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