Tarot Card ‘O the Week #55: Three of Wands

The Card:  This card is a card of success, typically in business.  Although the Three of Wands does not indicate as much of a hard-won success as many other cards, it is a card that indicates the querent has earned whatever reward they got.  This card indicates the querent has achieved a certain level of prestige or comfort and now has options.  The Three of Wands is a sign that the querent should not only keep doing what brought them this success, but be aware of opportunities for growth or expansion.  When this card shows itself in a business or financial spread, the querent knows they’re on the right track.  This card doesn’t have the “look at me” quality of the Three of Pentacles, but it indicates the right people have noticed this venture and may be willing to invest or help in some way.   In a relationship spread, this card means there are definite advantages to the relationship.  It may also mean a relationship that may lack passion and a certain amount of spark, but there is genuine respect and partnership between the two involved.  Seeing this card in a relationship spread may be a sign for the querent to work on the passionate and affectionate aspects of the relationship because the comfort and trust is already there.  In a family or friend spread, it often means others have a quiet respect for the querent and how far they have come.  It is also an indication the querent’s family is beginning to understand the querent’s perspective, even if they’d rather gouge out their eyes with spoons than say it.

Warnings:  Now is not the time to get lazy, complacent, or discouraged.  This is also not the time to overanalyze the situation to death or hunt down the fruits of your labor.  The Three of Wands strongly indicates the opportunities and rewards will make themselves known.  Your job is to catch them like Pokemon.  Taking the stalker or Conan the Barbarian approach isn’t going to help in the long term, dude.  Keep on keepin’ on.


  1. What is the first situation that comes to mind where you have had to work for any success you have had?
  2. How will you encounter this situation this week?
  3. Who or what else is involved in this situation (i.e. coworkers, the bank, your spouse or significant other, places that may hire you, et al)?
  4. How are these other people involved in this situation (e.g. you rely on them for reports, they may or may not give you a small business loan, you have been trying to get them to see things your way for years, they live there, etc.)?
  5. What do you want from the other people involved (i.e. a loan, understanding, help completing your orders, not to get in your way, to shut up, et al)?
  6. What about this situation is in your control, you can accomplish this yourself (e.g. you can control how many hours you work on this particular project, whether or not you are polite to the bank, how much information you give at one time, whether or not you cut corners, etc.)?
  7. What in this situation do you have no control over, how are you at the mercy of others (i.e. you can’t control how fast they process your paperwork, their opinion of you, how they respond to your approach, how fast they complete their part of the project, the level of support you get from them, et al)?
  8. When you think about your answers to Questions 6 and 7, how do you feel (e.g. angry, sad, confused, amused, frustrated, bored, “over it,” etc.)?
  9. When you think about your answers to Questions 6 and 7, what are some thoughts you have (i.e. “Why must I be surrounded by idiots?”; “Today’s the day—I feel it”; “Perhaps I want waffles”; et al)?
  10. Which has more of an impact on you: your thoughts or your emotions? What is an example of this?
  11. What are some examples of how your emotions are impacting your thoughts in this situation?
  12. What are some examples of how your thoughts are impacting your emotions in this situation?
  13. Are your answers to Questions 8 and 9 more positive or negative? Why?
  14. Based on your answers to the other questions, what is one small thing you can do this week to help yourself in this situation? Is this something you are willing to do?
  15. What is an affirmation or meditation you can use to help yourself with the situation this week (e.g. “My communication with _______ is improving daily;” The Serenity Prayer; Hail Mary; the lyrics to the Beatles’ “Let it Be;” Ohm Mani Padme Hum; a Ganesh mantra; “I allow the events of my life to unfold without controlling them, obsessing about them, or becoming anxious;” etc.)?


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