Dear Spice: $10 Mini Readings

Hey.  🙂

We (or me) at The Spice is Right completely understand that maybe a full-on SWOT reading may be too much for your situation, but you still want a crazy accurate psychic reading.  Perhaps you’ve got a more “Dear Abby”-ish thing happening.

What then, Spice?  WHAT THEN?!

Relax.  I’ve got you covered.  For the super low price of $10 (payable by PayPal, natch), I will answer your question and provide you with the same amount of info you would have gotten in a 15 minute reading.  THIS IS LIKE GETTING ONE OF MY ONLINE GENERAL QUESTION TAROT READINGS FOR OVER 50% OFF!!  It’s not as much data as a SWOT Analysis Reading and doesn’t get into the inner workings of the mind like the Five Whys, but you may get some peace from it and you will get an answer.  The catch?   I will be posting a watered-down version of it here because it’s technically an advice column.  I will protect names and save the scary specific details and shockingly accurate details for the reading I send to you.

To recap:  $10 gets you an accurate psychic tarot reading, just a miniature one.  This is an advice column, so ordering the reading gives me permission to post it online with the names changed.

Interested?  Hit me up here:

PayPal me at


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